Is the iPad Pro actually a better buy than the MacBook Air in 2020? Let’s find out!
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    Buy the iPad Pro ($735) ➡
    Buy the 2019 MacBook Air ($1000 SALE) ➡
    Brydge Pro keyboard for 11" iPad Pro ($50 OFF) ➡ &

  2. For all the things it can do to make life more convenient, an iPad is still basically a toy. On iOS, you’re at Apple’s house, playing with their stuff. Sure, I love taking notes in class with the Apple Pencil rather than a real notepad, but it’s ultimately more of a novelty than a true productivity enhancement. With any laptop, even a MacBook, you’re in your own house. You can put stuff in, take stuff out, make it your own.

    For instance, you cannot use magnet links on an iPad. Such a basic thing that even the weakest MacBook can do. Resizable floating windows is also a huge deal. Desktop versions of apps such as VLC smoke what you can do on iOS. And even in Safari, the desktop sites on iPad are poorly optimized compared to using them with a laptop. Accidental touches abound on the YouTube site in iPad safari, for instance, as well as scaling and media playback issues that you don’t get on a proper laptop.

  3. There are tons of cheaper iPad Pro keyboards on amazon that give you the same viewing angles as Brydge. Reviewers seem to only mention the 3 or 4 big brand keyboards as options.

  4. Best video I’ve ever seen in this theme, I finally decided, a brand new IPad Pro for me??

  5. As a person who uses both, these two devices shouldn't really be compared. One is a laptop and the other is a tablet. Each have their own strengths and weaknesses. The reality is that it's best to have both. But for those who can only get one of these computers, it's all down to preference and whether or not you need desktop apps. If you want to try to do your work with multi-touch and don't need desktop apps or can get by with the iPad versions, then go for the iPad. You get better hardware and a more interesting way to interact with a computer, in my opinion. However, if you just want to play it safe and stick with the traditional keyboard/touchpad or you need a computer for desktop apps and coding, then go for the MacBook Air. If you ask me what I would prefer keeping if I were force to give up one of these two devices I have, I would keep my MacBook Air, simply because of the fact that I prioritize getting work done efficiently and lose gaming capabilities over losing the ability to get work done efficiently and get a better entertainment experience with the iPad route.

  6. I don’t get the mouse support on the iPad – I tried it and I always switched back to the finger which was way more convenient

  7. 90% of your contents are Ad.

  8. If iPad Pro 2020 has a proper cursor instead of that weird circle thing and maybe a decent update to iPad OS so it's easier to use a mouse on the iPad then I'm definitely buying one

  9. I use the gold 256 Gig iPad Mini 5.

  10. Thanks for your video . . .MacBook all the way. I am able to have both but if I could only have one, it would be the MacBook. The iPad even with iPad OS still uses dumbed down apps, and those apps are limited. Even the newly released Photoshop is not a full PC/Mac version. With the MacBook you can pretty much run any app especially if you boot into Windows via boot camp or Parallels. I love my iPad (typing this response on it) but it’s way too limited. Get a full computer, MacBook and then save up to get the iPad.

  11. Where does his accent belong to ?

  12. This video is an ad. Not a comparison video with reasonable contents.

  13. Neither the pro lol

  14. I would buy iPad air3 + MacBook Pro

  15. I‘d love to see a review of that Brydge Pro keyboard!

  16. Thanks this helped loads

  17. Not hardware but software is the key

  18. I have a iMac 1tb ssd, 16gb ram. Should I get the iPad Pro 12.9 2018 or the MacBook Air as a secondary device?

  19. Satisfied with the 2017 MacBook Air, 2018 9.7 IPad.

  20. 5:12 Lets be honest, its an apples to apples comparison…

  21. Anything you will say: the air is better than ipad.

  22. I have IPad Pro 11 and MacBook Air 2017. On a go I use IPad, if I need to do some serious work I use MacBook. I need both of them!?

  23. iPad is just a big ass iPhone. Lol

  24. A surface Pro with 128gb, keyboard cover, and stylus is $979 compared to $999 for only a 12.9” iPad.

    I love the Pro 12.9, but it is way too expensive. I have the 2017 model which used to be cheaper at $799 and upgrading to 256gb was only $899. I really hope Apple lowers the price. It’s a great product just not worth laptop money.

  25. Awesome vlog…I bought a Mac Pro after watching that review you did …keep up the great ? work

  26. We recommend people buy the Macbook Air for:


  27. Should I build a pc or buy an iPad???? Plz help. My brain is melting from thinking about it.
    Should I get the iPad first??

  28. Only if iPad can do coding 🙁
    Bad for programmer to stick with MacOS

  29. Oh, and I need to say this – the speakers on the 12.9 iPad Pro 2018 are far better than the MBA – I can’t speak on the 11” iPad Pro

  30. I bought the iPad Pro in 2018 – but I got a MacBook Air a few weeks ago because I had to use up United Miles and I’m not going anywhere. I like having a traditional laptop again. I’ve been using the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement since the OG 12.9. There’s something about not having to reach up and touch the screen that I’m really digging. But I’m typing this on my iPad Pro so. ?‍♂️ They have very different uses and I’m glad l can have both. (Also, I’ve never had a Mac OS device – I needed to scratch that itch. I’ll probably get a MBP in a couple years. I love it.)

  31. Ive been looking up ipad pro videos just bc i want it lmao

  32. Buy Both! Both have wonderful features that the other doesn’t. For me I need both and an iPhone since I work with FileMaker. Will FileMaker Go opens, runs and let’s you modify records, you can’t create tables, fields, layouts, etc. on the iPad.
    My favorite feature is AirDrop since I can send a copy of my FileMaker file to the iPad, iPhone or MacBook. So I can create the file on the MacBook and instantly send a copy to the IOS device for testing.

  33. iPad pro starts at $649 at Microcenter right now.

  34. Good comparison. I have a 2018 12.9 Pro and a late 2015 15” Macbook Pro (last one w/all the ports). I had in the back of my mind I might consider an Air in the future but after Ipad OS I believe I can do both business and personal on Ipad Pro (have Brydge keyboard case). There are things that I still want, especially ability to format and check volume of external drives, but I’m willing to make some compromises for the pluses it offers me-and looking forward to even better ipad OS.

  35. I have both, still wish I paid more and got the Pro instead of air. Unfortunately still need a laptop for software configuration

  36. The Apple computer situation has become iPad Pro for most of work & play and only needing a computer as needed. With A-series processors completely out performing Intel, the iPad is the winner for the future. Even Microsoft sees the writing on the wall with Intel. Apple has some important decisions to make for the Mac, and they are playing their hand safe for now. At some they will have to show their cards.

  37. iPad Pro and it’s not even a debate!

  38. just get both for dual screen sidecar problem solved lol

  39. I have both and Macbook is much better value. iPad is versatile for taking with your self but Macbook has computer OS and I use it Macbook 80:20 compared to iPad Pro. Sometimes I don't turn iPad for more than a week. If you choose Macbook is much better value thus is has 7 years of OS updates compared to 5 on iPadOS. Verdict: Macbook Pro

  40. Short answer get the iPad for home use. If you’re gonna work on it get the MacBook.

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