Using an Apple iPad dock to VGA converter and a VGA to HDMI adapter you can connect your iPad to your TV with an HDMI cable (carrying both audio and video)

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  1. Fuck off , that's old shit still exist,???

  2. Yes – the reason is Apple fucked you over
    Only Apple disregards a WORLD STANDARD HDMI connection to make their own shitty connection so they can sell you more adapters

  3. You would need a converter which we dont have, it's always hard staying up to date with apple.

  4. Is there anyway we can wire directly from Lightning connector to HDMI connector?. I mean the pinout of Lightning connector and HDMI connector , then we can do that !!!!

  5. Why bother?
    Video streaming on ipad (all generations, as of 2013) via wifi or 3G is a buffering nightmare.
    Just try it. Or go look it up…

  6. iPad to Samsung TV

  7. Hey, have you heard of "MaxPadPro" (just google it)? There you can watch over one hundred screen recordings teaching the way to accomplish just about anything on the iPad and use it to the highest potential. This made it easier for Brenda to get the most from the iPad super fast. Hopefully it works for you too…

  8. I love how Ipad users take 8months to reply…

  9. I love how Android users try to take every chance possible to act as if their products are better. Haha.

  10. Theres a way easier way for that

  11. Thats a lot of stuff i just had an adaptorand the hdmi cable thats it

  12. I'm glad my Android tab plugs straight into hdmi out of the box…. 😉

  13. Apple makes a Digital AV Adapter that has a HDMI connector on it.

    Part number: MC953ZM/A

  14. @sewelldirect Thanks

  15. @ronknights Not really, as long as you have an iPad to HDMI converter cable. That wasn't on the market at the time this video was produced.

  16. Is there any reason you can't just go directly from the iPad to HDMI, without going to VGA first?

  17. @GiveMeAnthrax You can see the menus on the television if you have an Ipad 2, but not with the older Ipad 1.

  18. @flyboy21141
    the demo is to show

    iPad to HDMI

  19. did you not see the VGA port on the back of the TV itself…? the converter is an unnecessary junction that can potentially degrade image quailty.

  20. @Maxi86SZ yes and in full screen. plus it will show the springboard

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