It’s time to compare Apple’s brand new 10.2″ iPad from 2019 with the iPad Pro from 2018 head to head both of them with iPadOS. Both options are incredible for a lot of people but specially for students. The iPad does the exact same things as the Pro but it lacks the fancy features. Both of them come with Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. Which one has a better value? You decide.

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  1. Who else is watching with an iPad 7th gen

  2. your production quality is great , just get a microphone tho

  3. It felt like you was coming straight for my 6th generation ???

  4. I have a 2015 MacBook pro 13" with retina display. It works just fine for my daily work (outlook, excel sheets, word documents, browsing the web, watching videos, creating ebooks -on pages and kindle create-, working with WordPress websites and occasional image editing. My wife and I started an editorial project, and we're offering the first book on social media. I'm considering replacing the MBP 2015 with an iPad, I'm a huge fan of the convenience of the portability and the extraordinary iOS apps you get with an iPad… I'm considering buying the new iPad (128gb version) or an used 2018 iPad Pro (64gb version). I can sell my MBP in around USD 640. The 2019 iPad + smart keyboard costs USD 588. The used 2018 iPad Pro + smart keyboard costs around USD 920. What would you do in my case? Which iPad would you recommend for me? Tks bro!

  5. If u guys want the whole screen while watching movies, just zoom in.

  6. Any idea which one to buy for med school?

  7. The question is the pro twice the iPad for what it does compared to the affordable iPad and my verdict is no. it hardly takes any use of its power for most of the tasks mentioned.only things are
    1) its design is more modern
    2) Apple pencil charges nicely

    but if you want a good iPad that does iPad stuff get the affordable one.

  8. This video should be called “why iPad Pro is better than iPad” because you’re just talking trash about the iPad .

  9. Dude you completely forgot a key factor, USB-C!!! How did you make a 10 minute video and forget that?

  10. Which is better for teachers?

  11. You literally made it into 10minutes so you can get ad revenue

  12. So…. the Ipad 2019 should be good enough if all I do is analyze the stock market and make notes from time to time right?

  13. Is that the 12.9

  14. im in elementary and i want the ipad pro

  15. I have been into the apple store a few times to demo the ipad pro, and the habit of tactile interacting with the content on screen is very infectious to the extent that I was touching the imac and mac book pro screens instictively to get response. Can you commenton whether its better to get an imac to allow large screen interaction with the pro, or should one get a monitor? and which is better, 11 inch or 12.9?

  16. How do you have the mouse and keyboard paired at the same time on your iPad Pro. I have a 12.9in, latest version. When I connect them together the keyboard lags. I hit the key and 2-3 seconds later the letters appear. The mouse works fine. When I unpair the mouse the keyboard works perfectly. I’m wondering if you experienced this ever, or have a fix? By the way I love your videos! I have the latest version of iPad OS installed. I just find it so strange they don’t work together like they are supposed to. Is it Bluetooth interference? I only have the pencil, keyboard, and mouse paired. When all paired the keyboard severally lags, but when the mouse is unpaired the keyboard works perfectly. I have a satechi keyboard and Logitech mouse.

  17. Please help student that their cannot afford it please any giveaway?

  18. Talk about the ports!!!

  19. Forget the iPad Pro , the iPad mini 5 out and it does everything the pro does and it easier to take out with you.

  20. Hi can iPad Pro remotely connect to Mac like rdp

  21. Something you forgot to mention is that the iPad has a headphone jack, while the pro version does not. Something to consider if you prefer to use wired headphones and don’t want to carry a dongle with you.

  22. Are you exited for the 2019 IPad Pro? I can’t wait because I am getting one for College ?

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