The 9.7 inch iPad is the most underrated product that Apple has ever made without a doubt. It’s so affordable and has most of the features you would expect from an iPad. It’s so perfect for students. Let’s compare it to the iPad Pro!

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  1. Woahh it took me back to AppleWatchWorld when he played You and Me to compare speakers ??

  2. It's good but not great. It constantly crashes when multitasking and is probably not future proof. Invest in the air or pro

  3. Watching this on my iPad 2018

  4. Size does matter. Using textbooks side by side notes. I like a larger screen.

  5. Lo que me gusta del viejo iPad es que esta barato pero el pro no mames pinche caro y es la misma vaina ?

  6. Why the iPad entry level is good

    1. The only cheap and reasonably prices apple product
    2.Its a ipad air without that much power
    3. Still has a homebutton and headphone jack
    4. has iPadOS
    5. Powerful for anything but video and photo editing
    6. 3GB of ram

    Cons: non laminated display
    and 3 year old processor

  7. The $329 iPad has 32gb of storage and up to 128gb. You need iPad air for 256gb.

  8. The iPad Pro DOES NOT come with the pencil. Dude what drugs are you on

  9. Your accent is the exact same as Miranda from Miranda Talks.

  10. What is the wallpaper you have in your screen in iPad 2018

  11. 8 minutes 58 seconds to tell me the obvious. If you can afford it get the pro if not don’t.

  12. From IPad Inthe last year (TOP 5 To Buy)

    1- iPad Mini: Basically A 400$ IPad Pro that’s smaller everything is the same except the A12X it has a A12 Chip, With Compact Pixels for a better viewing experience

    2- Budget IPad: AKA the 2018 IPad, A10 Fusion Chip with a unlaminated display but great for drawing, Apple Pencil support, most recommended for students

    3- IPad Pro: The Most Expensive But the best for overall use if you’re a big spender, A12X Fusion Chip With ALOT of pixels

    4- IPad Air: About 600$, No Apple Pencil Support, Standard IPad With A12 Chip, For Everyday Use

    My Recommended: The Budget IPad Is the best because of the price, very cheap, and has Apple Pencil support, A10 Chip and camera similar to iPhone 7 Plus

    Only downside is the unlaminated screen but you really won’t notice it.


  13. Get this, that iPad is the cheapest thing on apples website ( That’s not an accessory)

  14. Smartphone: i use Android phones (way cheaper)
    Tablet: ipad 2018

  15. WOw i was thinking about getting an iPad pro but im a broke student, and now im considering again. I mainly need it for drawing and writing down notes.

  16. The iPad Pro might be better but not everyone would want to spend £800+ on an iPad if people need a pro and would make full use of its functionality then get the iPad Pro if the sole purpose of getting the iPad would really be things like movies, reading and playing games then the iPad or iPad mini would be the better option.

  17. wow thank you for all this information… i´ll buy the commun iPad and yeah let's try it to discover if it work for me.

  18. Can I buy the 2nd gen of apple pencil and use it on ipad 2018?

  19. my ipad has a headphone jack but i still pluck my earphones into the charging jack, still works?

  20. connecting the bottom of the pencil to the 6th gen is just to connect and not to charge so it’s actually rarely used

  21. I gona buy a Mickey Mouse Hoody now. Thanks! 😀

  22. The iPad Air 2019 is better for the majority of users. A12 Bionic is amazing. Just as fast in daily tasks.

  23. You need to get a girlfriend, man

  24. i understand what you are talking about and i also know you dont need that ipad so can you give in to me hahaha

  25. IPad mini vs iPad 2019 10.2 inch.. Which should i get? … I will be mainly using it for Netflix, social media, mails and typing stuff

  26. i used this 6th gen ipad for a couple of months and i wanna say that once you know about the unlaminated screen that u r holding in your hands this gonna bother you. you don't even want to put the pro aside to notice that gap not at all the gap will be easily noticed and will smash ur writing experience with the pencil so if u have a friend dealing with this cheap screens don't ever tell him about this stupid gap.

  27. First he say iPad Pro has “Bezel-Less” display. Then further in the Video he goes on to say it has edge to edge display. Can someone explain to me where on iPad Pro is bezel-less or edge to edge?? I’m confused with folk saying this because my Pro 11 has a bezel of around a half inch all the way around. It’s completely NOT edge 2 edge which he and other reviews are implying.

  28. I had to choose between last years iPad and this years iPad Pro 2019 n I’m so happy dat I’ve finally made up my mind n I’m going for the iPad Pro 2019 as I’m a massive apple fan got nuff love for apple ain’t gunna leave apple for no one else truss apple os the best ????✊?✊?❤️??

  29. There pretty much the same except the Gb on it

  30. If you’re a student it’s 299 not 329

  31. You have no reason to hate why there is gold for iPad Pro. Stop bitching

  32. Worst vid everytime

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