I compare the 2018 iPad with the Surface Go. Both are good devices, but I help you decide what is best for you.

Intro: 00:00
Price: 00:10
Specs: 00:44
Design: 01:17
Display: 03:08
Secure login: 04:29
OS: 05:03
Office: 06:13
Keyboards: 08:41
Web Browsers: 09:38
Games: 10:20
Pen and Pencil: 13:30
Cameras: 16:08
Battery: 17:19
Conclusion: 17:47
Outro: 18:03
End: 19:55

Surface Go Hands on First Look:
Surface Go…

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  1. I'd say. If you're a student , go for the surface. You can download files, do your spreadsheets , light editing, PowerPoint and note taking. iPad is not as flexible in that regards. And syncing files is a chore on its own

  2. You're doing something wrong if you have a delay when using the soft-keys on the GO.

    And the iPad is NOT a "computer" in the same class as the GO, it's a "Tablet", a step down from the Surface.

  3. iPad. And I'm not even an apple fan. Heck, I don't even have an iPad. Ever. Does't mean I don't know which one is the better one.

  4. Surface Pro 4 or go for drawing, music, light games and stream video

  5. The LTE option doesnt make any sense. Every mobile phone these days can be used as a wifi hostpot or has a hotspot option. Paying an extra hundreds dollars or so for something that you can already do anyway with your mobile phone makes no sense. Does the LTE option mean you can make calls with the pc? I dunno

  6. as a portal speedrunner, I will admit i've snuck in several hours of portal on my laptop, i only got caught when my computer's fan spun up

  7. Hi i am confused which one to buy between IdeaPad D330 64gb celeron N4000 and surface go 62gb. Price for surface go is a bit higher about 10k INR more and it doesn't come with keyboard. Can anyone help ?

  8. Check my review on go tou wont regret it

  9. I own a surface for over 5 years like any pc cons and pro but you will run anything you like on it difference rare updates on iPad but lacks on storage and the glass will crack so easy it will be nice to see them under the stress test then you really know what you want if you a iPhone fan cool stay with iPad I own a couple they alright but lack of freedom like games and programs plus you can code on the go can you do that on a ipad

  10. Just depends on the use case. As a primary device the go wins, as a secondary device the ipad wins.

  11. I use to own an iPad pro 2015 12.5 and the surface go is a better experience especially with the type cove nothing beats a mouse pointer when using a keyboard. The screen on the iPad pro was better but I prefer the display on the Go also windows hello on the go is quick also the tablet mode on windows 10 can be customized also Airmech strike from steam is playable at 60FPS on it. IPad is not a real computer not even with iPad OS. The gaming on surface is indeed better also the graphics menu on windows is better as games are optimized for iOS without much graphics settings but the Windows version have more options

  12. You saying A10 fusion is same powerful as surface Go?

  13. Ipad = Itunes + no mouse: Go = USB C + mouse + Micro SD for extra storage

  14. Let see… Do I want a device that is essentially a laptop or, a device that is an oversized iPhone?! Not to mention, the Surface is a great entertainment device. These comparisons are silly.

  15. Can anyone please help me in deciding which tablet should I buy

    1. Samsung galaxy tab S4

    2. Galaxy tab A

    3. Galaxy tab S5e

    4. Apple ipad pro 12.9

    5.new apple ipad mini

    6. New apple ipad air

    7. Microssoft surface go

    8. New Surface pro 6

    The tablet should have keyboard and pen with it. It should have expandable memory. It should have enough memory for video editing and photo editing softwares, for taking pictures , for daily use, for watching videos and movies, for listening music, for reading books, on which tablets can i work for more than 10 hours on multiple programs without worrying about tablet getting hanged and with which tablet i can work with external hard disk and pen drives and can be easily carried with us anywhere on any trip .

  16. ms office full version available in iPad ?

  17. finally saw someone who isn't just telling the good things on the ipad, but also some disadvantages. but if we compare ipad pro and surface go then Go is far behind, at least in power

  18. For me, it's the Microsoft Surface Go. Because I already own an Apple iPad Pro 10.5.

    Is it true what they say that you get faster performance if the Go is kept in S Mode rather than Home? TIA.

  19. As for price, if you order from QVC or HSN, you get a bundle which includes the keyboard at a reasonable price.

  20. Onboard keyboards on non-Apple products don't work as well. The keyboard that comes or you can get with the Surface is great.

  21. im looking for a device for college and been thinking between these 2 or maybe a surface pro 4 or 5 . I would use it for note taking mostly and to record the lectures (not video only sound) and media consumption and rarely mini games. I dont /cant buy new stuff so i found these options:
    i have the opportunity to buy the ipad 9.7 128 Gb which is used but has 1 month guarantee and a pen and a cover for 370 euro or Surface go 8gb 128 gm new with 2 years guarantee for 417 euro. (i can buy surface pro 4 or 5 for a similar price as the go but they are scratchy and used)
    Thanks for the help or if you share your experiences

  22. Yooooo i didn't even think of portal. Lunch at school is about to be let wait what about minecraft java or even gmod?

  23. You're using the 8GB version of Surface Go. That's why chrome works well in your case.

  24. I wonder if it is because of Chrome lmao

  25. You forgot to mention that the front facing camera shutter stock is even better than MacBook pro’s

  26. iPad requires a computer to download files and upload it into the iPad using iTunes. Guess what? Surface Go can run full iTunes

  27. The Surface go or an Ipad 2018? I already got a gaming PC at home and a Laptop. I'm a student and mostly want to use the device to take notes with the surface pen or apple pencil. The Ipad would cost me around 320€ while the surface go costs around 380€. What do you guys think?

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