iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max have some differences, but also have a lot more similarities than anything else. I go over what is different and what I the same between iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. I help you decide which iPhone 11 Pro model is the right choice for you. I compare the price, the display, talk about the camera and much more. #iphone11pro #iphone11promax #apple

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  1. Here it is:

    **Time Codes**
    00:00 – Start
    00:14 – Price
    00:40 – Storage
    01:00 – Colors
    01:53 – Display
    02:25 – Weight
    02:40 – Battery
    03:25 – CPU
    03:40 – Water resistance
    03:45 – Cameras
    04:36 – Face ID
    04:45 – Fast charging
    05:00 – Conclusion
    05:14 – Differences
    05:21 – Which iPhone will you choose?
    05:45 – Outro
    06:06 – End

  2. Who is Still tolling with an xr???

  3. The 11 pro max is such a beast especially battery obviously

  4. thinking of the 11 pro because I have small hands

  5. Picked iPhone 11 Pro Max. Love the screen estate.

  6. U didnt mentioned the front camera resolution ☹

  7. Difference for me I can’t afford the pro & I will never afford the pro max

  8. I'm getting the iphone 11 pro max on march 20th cant wait

  9. the speekar same theng

  10. Every is talking about iPhone I can't even afford 6 so I am happy in Samsung j1.

  11. Everyone saying that they bought one of these, and I'm here looking at phones I'll never get ?

  12. This review was what I was searching for, straightforward differences and similarities. Now I know which one to get, iPhone 11 Pro. Thanks man!

  13. thank you for the simple,helpful good video ???

  14. The difference is their spelling

  15. The iphone x and 11 are just the same maybe the camera upgraded a little but still

  16. I'm buying the Pro Max when I get paid in a few days, help me pick a color? Im stuck between silver and space grey.

  17. Samsung’s 5.8 screens are solid I would go with the pro, unless u wear baggy pants

  18. id really like the max , coming from a 6+ S ?

  19. those are the chubbiest ugliest hands I have ever seen. you should invest some money in a hand model for your videos

  20. Sensible video.. to the point and no nonsense ?… thinking of moving out of Android… using Note10 plus .. size is the big difference between these 2 devices, I need to feel the device before making a move.

  21. I used all the plus and the max before, I’m enjoying now the size of pro. I’m watching this in my Pro green

  22. I wish I would have gone for the smaller one

  23. hello which program do you use to edit the mobile text of this video?

  24. I'm going to get the Pro Max. 256 GB

  25. I got the iPhone 11pro

  26. i got the 11 pro. Amazing battery life. And this video really helped me to choose.

  27. I am going to bue e phone 11 pro max

  28. Am I the only one that seen he opened both camera at the same time and the pro was faster then the max

  29. In Jordan the market price is $400 extra

  30. Thanks for this. I am down for the pro max but the pro is small and durable. Still like the pro max ?

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