iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max were released today. In this video I unbox the iPhone 11 in green. I show you what comes in the box, talk about price, specs, and take a look at the cameras. #iPhone11 #iOS13 #Apple

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  1. Does it have the headphone jack ?

  2. Dude, I absolutely love your videos.

  3. SIM card removal tool AKA paper clip

  4. Buying this phone next week

  5. Itttsss smokie is true it is very satisfying

  6. If they are not giving headphone jack then why they are not giving wireless airpods
    Buying 700 $$ phone and no fast charger is it joke

  7. My sister has one in green and I'm getting one in yellow soon

  8. Guys i need help should i get the iphone xs max or the iphone 11?

  9. People with androids watching this video and feeling broke asf

  10. Why does he sounds like the guy from what if or riddle ?

  11. I wish I had enough money for this I have an Android not even a Samsung I have a Huawei ?

  12. Adding more cameras to an iphone doesnt make it a "new phone"

  13. Can you give me your old iPhone? Because I never used an iphone, my mom didn't have enough money,??

  14. I've never had an iPhone before do you think this will be the best iPhone for first time buyer

  15. The iPhone XR and 11 are pretty much exactly the same except the extra camera, however, as Apple always does, they downgraded something in compensation for that camera. The XR battery lasts a little longer than the 11.

  16. Where did you get that wallpaper

  17. Best smartphone in 2020

  18. i bought it yellow bc it was the only one that they had, sadly, i dont like that color

  19. It should add a cant afford it button for a choice.

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