NEW iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro vs 11 Pro Max Comparison. Is iPhone 11 Pro/11 Pro Max Worth a $300 Premium? Which Should You Buy & Why.

iPhone 11 Pro features recap.

iPhone 11 Pro Max clone unboxing.


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  1. Sorry for the reupload, got my prices wrong. $699 starting point for the iPhone 11

  2. Do you sell the unboxed phone?? If yes how can we buy??

  3. Wait a minute, that 11 can’t be real. It has the iPhone writing on the bottom with the Apple logo in the same spot as the x and older. I don’t see any comments abt that?

  4. Im watching to my iphone 11 bought 340dbahrain dinar

  5. Is the 11 pro screen bigger than the 11 because the bezels are small on the pro?

  6. I think it’s smart that Apple priced the new iPhone 11 at $700 unlike $750 what the iPhone XR was first priced when it came out in 2018.

  7. Me: confused on what color should I get.
    Also Me: Get them both.

  8. I upgraded from 6s+ to an iPhone 11 yesterday & I love it already ?. Only thing I’m trying to get use to that I’m gonna miss from the iPhone 6 is the home button.

  9. Watching on my note 9 haha

  10. Watching this on my iphone11?

  11. I will buy I phone 11 pro max my brother

  12. New subscriber here ?

    From PH.

  13. Regret buying the gold? should’ve bought the silver so pretty

  14. Who noticed that iPhone 11 apple logo has not on the middle ?.. It was fake ??‍♂️

  15. Weeeeee weeeee

  16. I love my iPhone 11

  17. Am watching on my iPhone 7

  18. im getting the iPhone 11 red 256gbs

  19. Can I please have one

  20. We can buy apple watch and iPhone 11 together.
    instead of 11pro .

  21. i went from the 7 plus to the 11 and i love it. Kinda wish i spent the little extra just to get the pro for the titanium border and the older screen but don’t get me wrong the 11 is an amazing phone and i am in love with it and i don’t think i’ll be upgrading to the 12 or whatever comes out i’ll be keeping this one for a while.

  22. I’m watching this in my iPhone 5C so tough to give up my iPhone 5C when you have the original flappy bird game on it

  23. Everything apple has a pro except for AirPods Apple “hold my beer”

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