Swimming with the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2; How water resistant really are they?


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  1. I miss my old house with my personal pool ???

  2. Came for the water test, subscribed for the bod

  3. How old is this kid?

  4. Time to Clean the pool

  5. Great Vid. The I Phone 7 looks amazing

  6. 0:04 I think he got forced in there until they started the video which probably took 5 mins

  7. Did you try taking photos as well? I want to know if you tried to press the volume buttons to record and take photos while underwater.

  8. ok when i saw those filps out of content I skipped to the last minutes of the video.. anyway thanks for the information given cool edit btw..

  9. I'm totally didn't click on the video for the iPhone 7, lol. 😀

  10. I just stumbled upon your pixel video on reddit and decided to look around the channel. Great production quality and really unique shots! I'm impressed I've never found your channel before. You should try to do a collab to get your name out there.

  11. I want you to do the damn old Apple Watch underwater.

  12. U are so cute!! Love you ?

  13. Great videos Harris I really live them ?? keep it up

  14. You're gorgeous af

  15. does aplle watch track the distance you have swem acurately?

  16. That iPhone is fake

  17. @itechworld11 Dude Harris! Great video showcasing the water resistance of the new iPhone 7 and Apple Series 2 watch!

  18. Cool review! Harris, how would you compare the iPhone 7 to the Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge?

  19. What do you use to edit your videos?

  20. You're Hot af

  21. Can you show how the watch counts laps while swimming?

  22. I still won't buy them (I mean aw2). I will always be with pebble smartwatch

  23. clean your pool man…

  24. I actually loved the video…but vacuum your pool!!!

  25. More shirtless videos please.

  26. Who looked the iPhone while you are naked… in a pool ????

    Pretty reall life test ? Great videos ?

  27. How long were you in the pool for with the Apple Watch

  28. Please don't actually swim with your iphone 7s. It will break eventually.

  29. the feature that nobody wanted , now you can shatter the screen underwater instead of your pocket

  30. Your girlfriend? And nice video 😀

  31. Likes for nipples :3

  32. Really good video! I can't wait to try in water.

  33. Must say: damn hot looking iPhone 7 review :p

  34. I saw someone else say they started the iPhone video recording before submerging it. Is that what you did? Also did you put your watch in that special water mode? Really nice demo of the waterproofing features.

  35. Great water test! Even though I'm not an apple fan, I am looking forward to new videos on the Iphone 7

  36. Your video edits/styles are awesome! Keep it up!

  37. Can you do a drop test on the iPhone 7?

  38. real life kind of test! great!!!

  39. The apple watch series 2, does it need to be in swim mode to be waterproof? Or does it work while just on the homescreen of all the apps? How do you know when you should use the function to expel the water? Or will the watch tell you to?

  40. Hey nice water test! Could you also test the Apple Watch with the bands removed? Curious to see if the diagnostic port is properly sealed too.. ?

  41. What a babe! And the chick wasn't bad either;)

  42. im confused where tf do you get all this money buying these expensive ass phones and shit or are you rich but i know damn well you aint making bread off of a 40k sub channel

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