The Gemini 4G from Planet Computers is the smallest laptop like device I’ve ever unboxed. It runs either Android or Linux and provides a somewhat decent typing experience in spite of its diminutive size. So is it a laptop or is it a smartphone?


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  1. Is it a smartphone or is it a laptop?

  2. Dude try the cosmo communicator

  3. I want a case like that for my note 10 plus

  4. so after bla bla bla, is it a phone?

  5. That remind me about the nokia communicator

  6. It's got no reason to exist, is what it is.

  7. i want to know how much it is. if it was 400, i would highly consider it..

  8. I'd run Kali on it 😉

  9. Its a pile of poo?

  10. phone turns to laptop

    me:wierd flex but ok?…

  11. Ok…it's an evolution of the netbook. I like it, though.

  12. I don’t understand what the point is about the stupid device and how would it make any sense in the real world fucking dumb. Lg thinQ. Is awesome. This stupid thing with a keyboard everybody will be looking for you bro like who is this dodo bird?

  13. U do know it has linux os built in it right?

  14. How on earth do you talk on this phone????

  15. It's a filofax!

  16. It's £500 for a smartphone and non-detachable keyboard… I'd much rather all/most/many phones had a 'Universal Attachment Socket consiting of a standard, 3.5mm, waterproof screw hole in the centre of one of the phone sides so a keyboard or second screen or entire phone can be connected. The secondary device has a built in hinged plug you screw the phone onto with a couple of turns, nice and securely… A separate, simple hinge with two plugs joins two primary devices.. 6''+ phones are common now. There are some nice, bespoke separate keyboard solutions but my system is universal and the device sizes don't matter. No more dodgy telescopic grips and bulky folding keyboard cases. Slimline games controllers too.

  17. Can you play FPS games?

  18. All we Indians wants is top specs and low price..

  19. It's a lapPhop

  20. How do they do it make it android and Linux id love to make my Asus Rog phone 2 as a dual booting device

  21. Old text pagers were around that size. They probably had a surplus sitting in some warehouse

  22. It's a Smartphkne + Laptop = Smart-Top

  23. It's the biggest BlackBerry yet 2020

  24. It's the biggest Phablet yet

  25. HP Stream 7 is a laptop and Windows 10 and much cheaper

  26. Just download win x launcher or Mac os x launcher on this or limbo PC emulator.

  27. it runs Linux……..yass

  28. What about putting music on a micro SD? You can't finalize and close media to be played in a car stereo. The loss of sound quality over bluetooth is crazy. I'll keep my MICROSOFT, and stay MICROHARD

  29. His expression are like girls too much drama ??

  30. Looks like a 3DS

  31. It would be cool if it bend all the way so you could use it as a phone

  32. Android or Linux. Clearly somebody doesn't know what either of those things are.

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