In this video, I conduct a full review of the iPad Pro 2018 edition. I review the product in the context of being a full-time college student here at (MIT) the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I am a fourth year senior studying Aerospace Engineering Major and use my iPad Pro for note taking, homework assignments/problem sets, and just about everything else. Watch this video to see how the iPad Pro changed my college experience. It has truly been a great addition to my life and does…

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  1. This has been a highly requested review so I hope it is helpful! Make sure to follow me on Insta @MiTechGuy to see what I’m up to ?. Let me know what other videos you’d want to see, here in the comments!

  2. Which size iPad Pro do you recommend

  3. For everybody that owns this iPad, is it really as delicate as YouTube has made me believe? Will it bend for sure with regular daily use? I'm generally very careful with my devices but some videos are scary. Makes me feel like it's made of paper

  4. How many GB is your iPad??

  5. I'm just curious what branch of math that was! Looks incredibly complicated!

  6. What size ipad are using in this video?

  7. I never understood why you need all this stuff for college. I managed to get my master's degree in mathematics and German with a old Lenovo X220t, which I bought in 2013. It was 2 years old at this time and I paid 400€. It was a great companion for 5 years until I graduated and one year after that it finally gave in. In this time period of time I bought 2 batteries and one new keyboard for around 150€. Nobody needs an iPad for college. Don't believe that the best tech will make you a successful student. I saw so many people with Macbooks, iPads, expensive Windows PCs dropping out because they could not handle it. Get a refurbished business laptop or if you really want a windows convertible for taking notes and focus on your studies. Don't fall for this shiny YouTube world.

  8. Hi! I was find for a reviews for the iPad pro being use by a student studying in web development. I saw your video and I am still thinking to buy a iPad pro or not. Not sure if it really worthy for a IT student to get a iPad pro just for note taking and entertainments use only. As I have a laptop to code and all I was just thinking to have the iPad pro to take notes and make it easy to take notes and save it.

  9. What apps do you use to do ur school work?

  10. just add fcpx to ipad

  11. So is it too much to have a macbook pro and ipad pro?

  12. Can you do a giveaway for your old iPad and Apple Pencil? I know a lot of college students like myself would enter

  13. I'm a Windows / Android person but not by love. Apple Just seems so expensive. That keyboard tho..eugh

  14. I felt so connected to the video until he said
    “And because I have an iPhone , MacBook Pro and Mac Pro ?

  15. I agree with coding in the laptop. We still don’t have a good enough IDE for the iPad!!! When is JetBrains going to release IntelliJ IDEA for the iPad? Probably never but it would be really cool!

  16. if i got an ipad pro for college would there be any reason i would need a laptop? (i’m planning on being an education major so there shouldn’t be any need for intense coding or editing stuff) i know at least for regular ipads some websites do not work. also, if i get a macbook, would i be able to download my textbooks?

  17. What is your opinion on the Ipad pro vs the Microsoft surface pro 7?

  18. ipad pro is good for medical student. i wish i could undo buying macbook pro instead of an ipad pro!.

  19. Depend on what platform you are coding for, unless you use and only use xcode and develop for the apple ecosystem, you can always use an ssh client such as Termius to interface with a remote computer. Be it your department server or your own VPS, vim will always be available.

    You can use siri shortcuts to copy out long program output to your clipboard or a file, setup a file share to transfer and submit your projects.

    That's how I handled my C++ course until the need for developing in QT.

  20. whats the wallpaper use on the ipad pro ?

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