Unboxing the 2018 iPad Pro 11 inch and 12.9 inch. Is the iPad Pro a computer yet? Can it replace a MacBook?

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  1. Our sponsor has some cool stuff and it's on sale right now – https://dbrand.com/

  2. Thank You For This Unboxing It Has Inspired Me To do a unboxing and how to use it and reminding me to use the Apple Pencil 2

  3. These are very impressive but not affordable

  4. 6:57 -MEME CONTENT ALERT !!!!

  5. Use it, it's a Awesome device!

  6. your talking to a person who has a 7 inch ipad

  7. wow what you gonna doo with all thoes products

  8. I died when he said people need something to touch their lonely

  9. This is worth every single penny, will outlast any pc. Since I have it I found so many new usages, it even replace my laptop most of the time. Apps are also a great part of it, as new app bring new possibilities every day. Its just awesome !

  10. So if you're gonna just use it for digital art would it really matter? I'm deciding between the 12.9 and 11 at the mo ent.. can't get the 12.9 cause nobody has it. But they have the 11?

  11. Wtf is that guy shouting like haly hoo is he have a poop in his brain?

  12. There are 4 speakers in the 12.9

  13. Please do a video on the Galaxy Tab s6

  14. No mouse support? Pass. Honestly would you buy a $40,000 car even if it didn't have a sound system? or A/C? Sure those things aren't central to the concept to driving but important nonetheless. CUSTOMER FIRST. Steve Jobs somehow made it make sense, but that was his personal magic. I see it fading fast.

  15. I really want to have an apple product once in my life time

  16. Don’t shout you stupid psychopath

  17. I feel like something like the Apple Pencil shouldn’t charge

  18. What’s the opinion a year later especially with the new iPad OS??

  19. im into the 12.9 inch lol

  20. Love my iPad Pro 12.9 inch. Editing photos in Lightroom on it along with the pencil is amazing. Was much cheaper than buying a MacBook Pro and Wacom Tablet.

  21. This tab is my dream

  22. What's the bg music from 1:01, please help

  23. God! When did you start being this obnoxious…

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