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Unboxing the new Microsoft Surface Laptop 2. The Surface Laptop 2 is a traditional form factor laptop. It features Intel 8th generation Core i5 and Core i7 chips. It’s a thin and light package competitive with the new Apple MacBook Air.


The Enormous Microsoft Surface Studio 2

The Addictive Sliding…

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  1. Surface Laptop 2 or MacBook Air?

  2. the laptop feels like natural boobs? lol

  3. Is surface 2 good for autocad and 3Dmodel

  4. I love how when you test sound you always play yourself lol

  5. You go Touch! you dont go back… all other laptops feels old

  6. I just got this laptop last night for school mine one is 8 gb ram i7 255sd

  7. can i play roblox w/out problems. thats all i care about

  8. Please do the matebook 13 review…
    I’m really looking forward to it!

  9. Your voice, voice tone, accent is very similar to Chandler from friends.

  10. I still can’t get past the fact that the Microsoft Surface and the Dell XPS have no HDMI port. That is an absolute travesty

  11. Anything less than 14 inch screen most people will use their phones. Dont waste your cash. Wait for the 14 inch mac pro.

  12. I am getting this for $1,189.99 in Jan 2020.. is it worth buying in 2020.. should I wait for Black friday?

  13. What is the name of the laptop company
    What is the rate of a laptop?

  14. Is this a good laptop to use DAW protools on and is it compatible with canon eos m50?

  15. Love ur reviews even when I knw am not going to buy em

  16. I have this does anyone else hear a loud noise coming from the keyboard?

  17. My keyboard isn't working need to use the screen keyboard how do I fix

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