The Lenovo Yoga S940 is a new addition to Lenovo’s laptop lineup. Aesthetically it’s very appealing and it seems impossibly small considering it’s 14-inch display. Is the Lenovo Yoga S940 good enough to replace my Thinkpad Carbon X1?

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  1. Me: saving up gradually for a laptop
    This guy: stacking 6k worth of laptops for comparison

  2. Hi,

    Please check the 2020 Hp Spectre 360 15 and 13.3 as well.

  3. Is this laptop better than macbook air?

  4. The 15 inch you can get 4k 1tb 16gb ram i9 9th gen and a gtx 1650 for 2000 its an absolute beast

  5. My Lenovo X1 died after a year and a half. Motherboard burnt out.

  6. id buy lenovo laptops but wtf are those keys

  7. 1000000000,0000000000000$

  8. What is the name of that laptop

  9. What should I get
    Dell xps 2020 I3 intel
    Leno yoga c940
    Surface laptop 3

  10. Very interesting laptop. Nice.

  11. can you give me a latpot in real life i am a kid a am 12 old

  12. I own this one now, but with the 10th gen i7, intel Iris Plus, 16gb RAM, 1TB SSD. Paid 1800€ for it. The UHD HDR Display is amazing. ?

  13. Sorry what is this laptop called?????

  14. Try out the dell latitude 9510 and test out the 30hr battery life

  15. This is fckn expensive, what we want is like a POCOPHONE F1, or Xiami M9T pro, it is affordable with an amazing specs.

  16. i have a lenovo ideapad s540

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  18. Is this a Yoga S940??? Ideapad S940? Doesn't look like a YOGA

  19. “I lake this laptop. So I went and made my own”

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