At what age should your children get their own computers? New or hand-me-down? Mac or PC? Chromebook or iPad? WSJ’s Wilson Rothman weighs what matters when parents face that major milestone. Photo/Video: Emily Prapuolenis/The Wall Street Journal

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  1. The laptop touchscreen ones he he he he he he he he I don’t even know what I’m saying he all the time

  2. How old is that girl I love touchscreen computers

  3. Thanks for this news he he he

  4. That girl is so cute and if you didn’t know him I am looking for laptops I am 8 years old and I want a colored laptop my brother is gonna buy me a laptop when I get my next report card and it’s the same grade or better

  5. I’m in 5th grade and have a laptop but I just use it for playing and studying

  6. He just loves parental controls

  7. you have to tell them "play on the laptop not with it because that'll make it safer" (;

  8. Im 7 and i have my phone

  9. yeah like the little ones are gonna swindle out child p*rnography from deep web if u didnt kept watching over them

  10. Day 3: Ahhhhhh i hate this Game!!!!

  11. My mother is stubborn she don't even buy one apple laptop!! ?

  12. Any advise on Chromebooks that can't use Android apps?


  14. My brother is 10 rn next year hes gonna get a laptop at grade 7

    Edit: and WTH he's learning coding at 10!!??

  15. I received my first computer in 2015. A vintage 1999 IBM. I was 12 years old and I loved it. I mastered the 1300 page DOS manual that came with it and beat “Doom”, the lemmings and a low quality version of Gta 3 after I modified the game code to surpass the “minimum requirements”. It did lag with Gta, but beating a Gta game is one of the proudest moments, especially on a system that bad.

  16. No child NEEDS a laptop…what ever happened to good old fashioned reading and playing with toys? Parents need to interact with their kids more smh

  17. I punch my computer when i got rage playing a fortnite and after punching kissing it XD

  18. i have windows 8 in my computer

  19. Even if I saved up for my own laptop my mom will think I’m waisting my money

  20. Ipads they are not laptops

  21. How much u want to bet no parent watched this

  22. Bought my children an Imac for there room 5 years ago. I can report that it is still in good condition!!!!!

  23. 1:40 is she making a stop motion movie without putting her hands out of the shot?

  24. Laughs in Mac Mini

  25. I wish MrBeast could buy me a laptop

  26. My moms best friend has 4 kids
    The grandma has a laptop and lets them use it. The 11 year old boy never lets the 8 year old use it

  27. Correction: 9-12 not 6-8
    And, who is going to buy a Dell Inspiron? Their not good, low ram, touch screen? ew

  28. why do they need a computer when their not going to take care of it anyways? even if your going to buy them a computer it does not have to be new. used is the same, maybe a few marks, but its like 150-300 dollars for used.

  29. This was a huge mistake

  30. bruh…
    there is a tip.
    “well i need it because of school and (insert your hobby which will give you a job)”

    fun fact, i will tell that to my dad. for a macbook pro.

  31. You should probably install the newest mac os mac os high Sierra

  32. I JUST NEED A LAPTOP ?!!!!!!!

  33. All the kids in the comments trying to feel special because they can build a computer

  34. It seems to me, but buying a traveling computer for children (as I understand it) or an iPad for fun seems a little silly to me. Maybe there is a cheaper option (just buy a smartphone)?


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