JBL C100SI are budget in-ear earphones from JBL are these ideal budget earphones they also has a integrated microphone to take calls find out how does these JBL C100SI sound and what are the think I don’t like about it.

I purchased these JBL Earphones via

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  2. Dude, I have a pair of these, from Walmart for USD $8.30. I use them for listening music, from a variety of portable stereo radios, and from my laptop and a cellphone. Gladly, I can listen a decent sound, even after two complete laundry cycles. Two different times, two different events: Liquid detergent from Melaleuca, and a bit of softener. Two times, and they stand well, and deliver that clear and brilliant sound as the first day.

  3. If it has L type angular jack it would be tabahi wala earphone

  4. Don't get confused if you are a sound lover you should try jbl c100 si .awesome sound quality but cable quality is not upto mark

  5. Hindi me vidyoes banaye sir thanks you.

  6. Wire is very durable, i am using for 2 whole year, no problem with the wire quality

  7. JBL c100si vs sennheiser street 2

  8. What is frequency response of this?

  9. Wah..perfect talking style this guy has

  10. jbl c100 tws(airbuds) or jbl c100si(earphone) which sounds better?? because i have c100si earphone so i can make an idea for airbuds

  11. Sir i want to ask you a question
    I have bought jbl c100si eyephone as you already know jbl is an amercian company

    But"when i got my jbl box it has all chinese writing over it and even all of the pamplets have chinese writing on it "
    Sir Is it abvisious or i have got the fake one

  12. I'm using this over the past 2 years durability and bass is great

  13. Is it better than audio Technica ath-clr 100??
    Please comment down guys

  14. Honest review ??

  15. Sound is great but only thing that I don't like about jbl it's durability I am using jbl since 3 yrs all of these earphones got cracked around the connector side the speaker is good but the connector is working so no sound is coming out of it. Plss note all of them just broken after 4 moths usage also jbl will not replace or return them because physical damage is not cover in their warranty policy so be careful before purchasing them.

  16. is i got balance sound??

  17. I get it in 348 on club factory

  18. at 1:10, I could listen to you say "extra ear tips in the box" for all of eternity

  19. लन्ड के हिन्दी नही बोल सकता है क्या झांटू

  20. Finally! I found a review on this product which i could simply understand! Thanks for the good English and nice review. This is just 6.25$ in Philippines now in a Shoppee / Lazada sale

  21. Xiaomi Piston Basic Edition or JBL C100SI. Which one is better for musical experience?

  22. hey there, how's the Ant Audio W56? plz review on it!

  23. Which is better sir c200si or t210 or endurance run?

  24. Gandu channel chalana hai to hindi bol le auro ki ni smjh ataa chutiye…

  25. Bakwas hai mat lena. sound quality tatti hai

  26. U didn't told about bass of these earphones ..Which was the most important point

  27. Jbl c100si or memt x5s who is the best…plz say

  28. Hindi me bolo sir ji yeh Bharat Desh hai mera yaha Hindi zyada log sanjhte hai

  29. Mr Ranjit which is better Sennheiser CX street or this one?

  30. Please c50 hi ka review karo

  31. Is this suitable for gaming pls reply

  32. Sir I would like to see the wooden earphones unboxing from you .

  33. Why you are not making the review of the boult probase neckband wireless headphones. Plz do it

  34. Dont make us fool its jbl c150si because its mic on side not middle .
    Very bad earphone .It doesn't block noise .You can listen easily out side noises.
    Bad review.?

  35. Sir tell me about.. Ant audio w55 ,s earphones.. Konsa purchase karu. Jbl c100si or Ant becj my budget is 500 bugs

  36. Its audio quality is amazing.
    Talking about bass… Its more than your requirement i can bet on that.
    Its blocks all the outer sounds when u put it on..u'll not notice even the high speed fan in your room.

  37. How was the bass,is it good

  38. Hey Ranjit, According To You Which Headphones are the best (Budget not a problem)…

  39. Can we compare jbl c100 with boAt bassheads 225?
    How is the sound?

  40. It is stereo surround??

  41. Sir can you please upload a video on Boult Audio Curve relating the pros and cons of the product

  42. Bro abhi filpkart pe 599 ka mil rha h cx213 bro kuchh gadbad sa lg rha h plzz check krke. Btaoge aap??

  43. can we do gaming?

  44. Jbl c200si has launched and they are better than these at the same price.

  45. I have same earphone,
    It's sound quality fantastic

  46. Surround sound suckss

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