Comedienne Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect) joins Kevin Hart in a dojo as they learn karate. But Kevin may have his hands full as he learns that Rebel is a seasoned martial artist.

KEVIN HART: WHAT THE FIT is an unscripted comedy starring Kevin Hart, now in its second season. In each episode, Kevin invites one of his celebrity friends to join him on a fun, fit journey, trying out unique and outrageous workouts from jousting like a medieval knight to batting practice with the Los Angeles…

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  1. Actually she looks like white Big ???

  2. She is so fun and gorgeous ?

  3. This dude hates u

  4. ?my sense I would’ve knocked me out of my dojo if I acted like Kevin Hart

  5. Rebel Wilson MUST do something anything with Amy Shumer

  6. The paper:*please be quite*.

    Them: ha he ho a ha el a h ha holes he jams ha he

  7. These too should make a movie together ??

  8. I can't believe it's a year later and they still haven't made a movie together


  10. Everyone go to 5:45 its so fricken' funny love you Kevin ❤❤

  11. I want to see a calab with Kevin and Daz

  12. This is so funny ????

  13. 5:32 when the anoyying kid wants to fight

  14. What's the point of "please be quite" sign in this facility ??

  15. Balenciaga‘s with no socks?

  16. Love this lol its the best ???

  17. If laughing was a workout… bro I’m sweating !!! Hahaha


  19. 11.31 looked like kevin was wearing foundation ?

  20. “I’m about to cook them raw .”
    -Kevin Hart, 2019

  21. 4:18 that was fucked up kevin

  22. who know's Rebel Wilson from pitch perfect and noticed her i did

  23. I just found What the Fit episodes today and I must say THANK YOU! I haven't laughed out loud like this in I think ever

  24. XD kevin brung up wwe

  25. ?????
    much excited as one looks on
    0:59 ??
    ? ? ? ? ??

  26. If Kevin was not exist I don’t know what with I do, this corona virus ?

  27. sensei: Kiai!
    Rebel: JEFF!!

  28. ok but are we gonna talk about her fighting skills lmao

  29. I call foul that's not regular karate.

  30. Hahaha! Love them both ?

  31. true karate from kevin syka blyad

  32. Love these two. The best ?

  33. They really have to make a movie together like yesterday

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