In this video, we discuss how a Fitbit solved the murder of a 67-year-old woman.

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  1. What happened to her kitties?

  2. Fitbit it Amazing I also use mine so show my sleep patterns to my drs due to the fact that I have sleeping problems but the fact that it helps selv a murder is good news too

  3. Theory: Advanced Alzheimers can cause combativeness and confusion, that is often the reason that, even though the patient has loving family to care for them, they are placed in care homes. Its possible the step dad had an Alzheimers related psychotic episode and murdered the victim in his confusion. Afterwards, becoming partially cognizant, he attempted to stage the crime and left. He then forgot about it due to his Alzheimers. That would explain the lack of motive. It would also make this more of an accident then a murder, which could help bring peace to the family.

  4. I do believe that the stepfather 100% did it but I also believe his wife didn't know anything about it, thus that's why she always claims he is innocent.

  5. I believe the stepdad did kill her. However, if he was having dementia problems he could’ve had some sort of issue with recognizing his stepdaughter, thought of her as an intruder, killed her. Only to realize that it was Karen and then attempt to cover up the murder. But I guess we’ll never know, it’s really terrible and my heart goes out to everyone affected

  6. I don't see a 90 something person commenting murder. I would have dogs with me.

  7. When the elderly's lack of understanding of technology can solve a murder

  8. What happened to the Asian man with the cigarette though?
    Didn't they investigate on him too?

  9. When you said one thing was missing: a motive I was like hellloooo obviously he wants to inherit all his wife’s stuff/ money with none going to her daughter

  10. Him : she was borned on 7th of October
    Me : yes twin

  11. Late to this, but I have a possibility about the cigarette in her kitchen. If her cats were indoor/outdoor one of them could have brought it inside. When I had a cat that went outside, she would bring random found things inside including a few cigarette butts. Thats just what popped in my head though when I heard that part.

  12. I just dont see how a 90 year old man would be able to kill someone and stage it as a suicide. I guess anything is possible though,but if he really wanted to kill her for whatever reason why not poison her with the food he gave her? Although i personally think someone else is responsible.

  13. he could’ve done it by poisoning the pizza. Thats my first thought. It wasn’t mentioned that they’ve checked the pizza. Maybe she was enjoying it, realized it was poisoned, panicked but before she could react, she was too weak?? Idk

  14. Was the doorbell video footage checked for someone coming to the house for the days following the crime but before the body was discovered? Individuals with dementia can become erratically violent and have surprising strength. Perhaps Tony had an episode, killed her, realized what he had done then told a family member. The family member could have come back later and staged the crime. This could explain the cigarette found at the scene. Since so much time elapsed before she was found, there is no way of knowing if someone came a day or two later and set things up to unless it was captured on that doorbell camera.

  15. I find it extremely stupid that the police initially thought it was a suicide… Smh

  16. i just want to know why they had initially thought suicide when she had injuries to her head?
    also, side note – i think there should be a way for fitbits to notify the police of a decreasing then stopping heart beat, idk how it would work but it would be helpful??

  17. What if murder was on Tony’s bucket list? He just waited until he was about to die of old age to do it so he wouldn’t waste his life in prison.

  18. I think it was her step-father.
    I was wondering why Adele would stick by him after all this, but after finding out she is all alone….I get it. She’s in denial, that was the only person she had left, maybe she just didn’t want to believe it. Or like I said, she did and was desperately trying to cling onto the only person she had left.
    Poor Adele ?? I hope she’s doing okay

  19. These should include a feature so they call an ambulance when your heart beat stops or detects you have a heart attack.

  20. The defense's claim that Tony arrived during the attack is ridiculous. If I didn't know better I would suspect that they were trying to get him convicted because it is completely unbelievable that an attacker would let her answer the door and have a 15 minute conversation with her visitor or that she would be cheerful instead of trying to escape or whispering to her step father to call the cops because she's in danger during their hug. I think that her mother deep down knows that her husband murdered her daughter but is trying to convince herself that she didn't marry man who turned out to be a monster who took her daughter from her.

  21. They need to follow up on the DNA on the cig. Seems irresponsible to not find and interview that person. This guy was 90 years old, weak af and dementia setting in do all this. Highly unlikely. But possible though.

  22. A good Karen?
    That's a rarity, and is such a shame what happened to her…

  23. My grandparents raised me, I'd rather die than let them go live in a nursing home. I will care for them as long as I physically can. They want to spend their golden years in their own house and I WILL make that happen.

  24. Is that a semi colon I spy ???

  25. Tbh this is one of the reasons why i got one. It tracks you, its creepy but its very useful to utilize.

  26. When you showed a picture of the step father after saying there were no pictures of her family online, my heart dropped… realized right then and there what had happened…

  27. Perhaps FitBits should call emergency services if it detects a flatline or a distressed heartbeat.

  28. Gonna start wearing my Fitbit more ???

  29. Misleading title?… It's not a solved case

  30. The old man OBVIOUSLY Did It.
    I would run his fingerprints… Going Way Back , I Have A Awful feeling that He's Done It Before. Maybe even Serial KILLER . His prints should go into that Data Base And Stay There .
    Incase AColdCase Is Opened up Someday That Could Lead To Him .

  31. The stepfather did it. Doorbell shows him arriving at 3:12, The fitbit shows that her heart stopped at 3:28 and basically 7 minutes later at 3:35 he leaves. Where on earth was this other supposed murderer to have had time to kill her within that time frame?

  32. Follow the money!

  33. what happened with the cats

  34. I don't think the step dad did it, I think she wasn't happy and cheerful but he couldn't remember so his brain just added in the blanks with other memory's. She probably didn't say anything because she was worried about the attacker getting him as well..

  35. Yikes! That's where I was born & raised!

  36. I enjoy your videos &your plants.

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