I hope he actually didn’t break it… lol
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  1. Make sure to subscribe if you are NEW <3 And follow me on twitter :*) https://twitter.com/DJTasty

  2. #RAGE love ur vidssssss

  3. That kid is pretty much me lol

  4. Oh it was me lmao my old name

  5. twier @legitmc i want is bc i have bean looking for some1 to make me a pack

  6. Twitter name ThatCqmbo

  7. @Traqqing__ I want the pack because I really need a custom pack to show my friends and it would be so cool also. Anyway love your vids ?

  8. Meh twitter is @iclamz
    I need it to boost my already enlarged ego

  9. Twitter : @xImTooCold
    I really want a pack that looks good and help me with my fps.
    Rip 30 fps ;-;

  10. So funny how you play with limo when he scams people. He scammed me and others with “Nose” & scammed me for “iv7” fucking sad tasty

  11. My twitter is @saber35206602

    I want a pack of my own because i just wanted something that looks good that is mine and not shared like others

  12. Twittername: @ScreamShotTM Hope I win I'm desperate I mean gl ??

  13. Twitter @GiannisTosuni
    Reason I want it is cause i would liked to use my own texture pack I prefer one 32x or 16x

  14. @ExoraysExro

  15. Twitter: @admin651 <3 love your vids man

  16. @hackinquraccoun

  17. @notCurann I want to win because it's so complicated to find a good pvp texture pack and it would be so cool to have my own ideas inside a pack

  18. Twitter @x69MinecraftBoixXx
    IGN The69Boi
    69_69 I’m watching you.

  19. @eezpzee
    i want it please thanks

  20. Who won the cape give away?

  21. Velt = dead server. Play faithfulmc

  22. @11goku06 so I can be good at pvp

  23. @KabpaYT because i can't make texture packs xd

  24. Twitter name, @Cola4Days
    I really want to win the giveaway cause I really want a good pack but I can't find one!

  25. @dansharke

    I want this because I need a pack that I won’t lag in and I wanna to be able to show off a new pack and custom pack

  26. Twitter: JohnnyLuo2

    Hope that i win

  27. Twitter: itxnextyY
    Good luck to everyone!

  28. @LovatoTGL: keep on smashing that like button folks. <3 go and follow me and tasty

  29. @Lil_Limes i want the pack because i like a lot pana resourcepacks

  30. Nice DJTasty ur a god!I mean in the vid btw <3 xd

  31. Twitter- @KigelPvP

  32. Djtasty love your vids man #NotiGang

  33. IGN – EightDigits Ive subscribed liked and always have had post notifs turned on im also followed to ur twitter my twitter is EightDigits
    @CheapzAltz thank you !

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