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AILIHEN HD850 (International) –
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  1. I am a kidi dont now i can enter i am 7 years old i have haed phones but i does not have an ear path and it bothers my ears and that really hurts i do not now why and it is beacause i dont have a pacth

  2. you I watch your videos unbox junkie can I have one

  3. Soo who won the last one? Or u post the winners on twitter?

  4. NICE! ? I'm definitely getting these for my 6 year old granddaughter! She will ❤ them!
    Thank you for the great review! ??❤

  5. Thank you for the giveaway i love them :')

  6. Is the giveaway international

  7. My son has to go to Brasil alone and he really need these please

  8. Review the hifi elite super 66 blue tooth headphones by modern portable please

  9. I got a promotion of this headphone from FB, it is now 50%off with code UBPRTNMV

  10. yo , will you review and test Sudio Niva wireless ? much appreciate it if you do

  11. Our son will love it He has ADHD and these headphones would be awesome!

  12. Try reviewing Remax audio products. They are priced rock-bottom. The audio quality, build and packaging actually surprised me.

    Specifically the Remax RB-S10

  13. They are good for my son.

  14. It's awesome thanks for giving me

  15. my son will be happy to have this one =( please make him happy unbox Junkie, he has kidney issues =(

  16. review the tws f8

  17. My new born needs headphones!?

  18. Can I have I them I really want them you got a new sub

  19. Nice video i like dhis giveaway

  20. Please review the new X4Ts

  21. Try & give review of X4T Bluetooth Earbuds please

  22. Made a Twitter account just because my little brother needs to wear headphones. No one wants to listen to his Minecraft videos. No one. Thank god for this (I'll probably buy him these even if I don't win the giveaway)

  23. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.Beautiful products

  24. Great review as usual. You should review the Xiaomi ANC but with the 3.5mm jack. Its xiaomi but with a different collaboration.

  25. Oooh yess I want to give that to my 9 yr old cousin. She always bugs me for my headphones.

  26. can u review the nesbeat shape5 wireless earbuds

  27. I'm a kid give me that

  28. Love uuu?? Do More Headphone!! I have vinnfier sporta air 6 wireless earbuds, and i think its super good for under 25 buck!

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