The kid in the video isn’t me. It was another kid that was doing a troll stream.


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  1. me when i dont get the gamer royale

  2. 0:13 And on the day the devil was born, hell rained lose.

  3. You dont deserve that mic

  4. 0:17 Half-life 2 zombie

  5. Sound like a dragon in skyrim with poor pc

  6. the volume was at 18 but it made me jump

  7. kirby comfirmed

  8. He screamed so much I lagged

  9. Welcome to jurraasic world

  10. What's it like to chew 5 gum……..

  11. I'm happy I'm deaf but it tickles

  12. Where are his parents? ☠

  13. in fortnite a bush kills you when you have a scar

  14. this guy sounds like a door not oiled since 1990

  15. Roblox + kid = hell

  16. uhhh does this kid still stream? and what was his twitch name

  17. poor blue snowball microphone


  19. wow this is the effect of cocaine on children

  20. I'm worried now, I know the exact game he was playing. (Not Roblox, I mean the game in Roblox.)

  21. Hi can I use this for my channel just the audio pls

  22. Top 10 Mistakes Parents have made

    Jumping straight to this one: This kid's parents made a horrible choice and fucked unprotected. Or condom just broke.

  23. Jesus Christ its Jason Bourne

  24. Someone put it in the wrong hole

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