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Good KV Seller→ VelocityMods

Wana Buy Recoveries or Private Lobbies? Email Me @nglitchesftw@gmail.com

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My Goal→ 30K Subs:D

For Educational Purposes Only

Intro Song→ G-eazy Random

BroSquad Intro→ Magnetic – Annabel Jones

Song→ ?

→ I Get My…

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  1. someone stole my computer mouse that was next to my laptop. WTF. i could not use it for like 3 days cause i hate the touchpad. they should have took the laptop at least i could have got insurance :'(

  2. Some guy actually stile my beats cord and all

  3. What's your intro song?

  4. why would you say the "N" word . that retarded .

  5. Someone broke into my house and stole my ps4 charger

  6. I added you on Xbox my GT is MatthewModzzz

  7. Do u know the zombie land link I just got my Rgh ;(

  8. broke clothes 2 u is lower then Nike kid all bout polo and truereligion jeans and u having sex sikeee?????

  9. What your number

  10. Hi i sub to you you dam fab can you do camo for me and my bro

  11. accept me psn pls GI3T3RBNN

  12. Maybe he lost his wire

  13. good video can i have a mod menu for xbox 360 live

  14. I dnot mean pay I mean play

  15. That kid is stupid

  16. can u add dragon_breath_15 or Silent_dragon_15

  17. Lol this is DustYoke in ps3 I got my jailbreak lol and a JTag Xbox

  18. what color were they

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