My Buying Guide to the best Laptops for College Students 2015
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  1. Very nice guide homedawg!

  2. If you cant get macbooks you're poor trash

  3. What college student can afford a MacBook Tf

  4. Why do students tend to buy mac apple laptop? rather than any laptop brands such as, Acer, asus, Toshiba? can someone give me the difference?

  5. I5 5200U is not a desktop version of i5, to be specific, it is quite far from it. BTW good video. 🙂

  6. Minecraft is not an "intensive application"

  7. I just bought the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 and it's 2 in 1 for under $800 with my student discount, I think that laptop is one the best for college

  8. depends on what college you go to really. In a day, I have 2 classes, 2 hours each. usually the battery life is pretty good. I commut to college with a motorcycle, so even my 16 inch laptop is pretty good for carrying around. I have an Acer V15 nitro, I needed it because i needed casual gaming performances (older games, not hardcore stuff), able to transfer movies and games fast (512 GB SSD), and able to run microsoft office and adobe apps pretty good. It was $1,000 and I think it was worth it. Certainly cheaper than my classmates' macbooks which often have trouble running powerpoint and word, and lack a HDMI port.

  9. Soooo you all got rich parents or what? Im technical assistant for informatics and never in my life bought a computer for over 600 bucks

  10. Can a MacBook 2015 run sims 4?

  11. No college student needs an ultrabook. God damn. They aren't powerful. Gaming laptops aren't loud when doing bsic school work. You're a dumbass.

  12. if macs run windows, I would buy one in a hearbeat

  13. asus x555la w/6gb ram + i5-500U dual core processor…was under 500$

  14. What about for thise who arent rich and want a laptop that comes pre installed with certain things like word excel etc cant seem to find any of these anymore

  15. MSI GE 62 your welcome

  16. what about MacBook air

  17. thank you so much for this video it help me so much and I think I'm going to get a mac air

  18. "and also look good because they are going to be using them in the classroom and in front of their friends and you just gotta show off man"
    Just paused the video and disliked. I am on youtube since 2016 and this is the first time I dislike a video. You should delete your channel.

  19. LOVE YOUR VIDEO!! Keep up the amazing work ☺?

  20. just started uni and literally EVERYONE has a macbook

  21. wow.. The title should be, BEST LAPTOP FOR "RICH" COLLEGE STUDENT

  22. Great video, I love the comments ,, MacBook 2015 it is .

  23. I like the  MacBook 2015 but I already have the surface pro 4 xD

  24. what about cad?… engnrng studs do need that stuff

  25. Did he just say Home Dog.. ?

  26. What about the macbook air ? (written on mine for college 😛 )

  27. Fun fact: Moravian College- located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania- gives each student a free (yes, FREE) Macbook Pro AND an iPad.

  28. i don't get why people are saying where are college students gonna get 1300 for a laptop when you could of planned and saved during high school i'm not rich i just save and learned how to budget/spend money at a younger age (nor are my parents rich)

  29. Great vid but does the hp spectre x360 makes the list ?

  30. whats this song at the end called

  31. whats this song at the end called

  32. I need help picking a laptop. I'm going to be going to college in fall 2016 majoring in Aerospace Engineering. I've been watching videos and it appears that my best options are either the Macbook Pro or lenovo W541? What are your thoughts?

  33. Having a mac in college is hell. I used my return money on a Windows laptop to run half the programs most universities use.

  34. My recommendation would be to throw a budget computer in here, not to low ball your video too much but you basically just took the top tier mainstream lap tops and said they were best for college kids, when actually they're the best for anyone looking for a portable workstation, and that isn't anything anyone didn't know. When you say best for college kids, people want to see the best bang for buck ratio so they can find something they can afford, such as in the $400-$500 are, and maybe a really cheep $200 one that isn't the best but it gets the job done.

  35. The macbook pro 13 inch is the clear winner here. Hands down! Its portable, powerful, and light. Perfect for college.

  36. Now you say the MacBook 12 inch can run some Minecraft, I don't know if you know a lot of Minecraft, but can it run mods smoothly with barely lag? Because I want the MacBook 12 inch, for school, and Minecraft. (For recording) I will not be doing hardcore editing, but like just adding music and stuff, but that's pretty much it for editing. So will the MacBook 12 inch be well for playing Minecraft with no lag and good fps, and can it run mods on Minecraft? Because I will be wanting to record and create good content. This is not my channel btw, I'm on my alt lol. Please tell me

  37. Or get a Chromebook, £200 or $199 does basic jobs really quick

  38. man ! , we r talking about college students , we are fucking poor !

  39. What do you prefer personally Mac or PC? I'm mac

  40. does the average student has 2000$ to spend for a laptop

  41. fuck out of here with this bs do i realy need a 1000$ macbook for college ? piss off

  42. College 1,300 $ hell no

  43. walking dead poster

  44. what if i am a school student does this count for me?

  45. Awesome video..bro!!
    Really Explained the requirement well.
    thx and keep making such knowledgeable videos brother..!!

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