You asked, and we’re answering. Here”s an update on the big move and just life in general. Thanks for watching and be sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss what’s to come in the future!

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  1. I pray my daughter finds her "Josh ". He has so much good sense. Hats-off to both your parents (both sides). Y'all are wonderful. Thank you.

  2. Do you have a wedding video??

  3. My daughter never asked for screen time then when she was 7 she found her cousins watch tv alot so now I can't get her off electronics keeping her off good idea wish i never allowed it

  4. Your top is so pretty. DON’T stop talking fast. Love you guys.

  5. US retired people have trouble with 90 mile per hour talking ???

  6. Watching this 1st October so you have moved & started doing up the AirBnB

  7. Josh is not grouchy! I think he is such a kind and patient man. He loves his family! It shows!

  8. Minnesotan born and raised and it does get really warm here! 65 is cold for July.

  9. I did not raise my 2 children with TV, and now that they are adults in own their homes, they watch very little if any.

  10. You may talk a bit fast, but there is no issue understanding you and with the function on YouTube to slow speech down that should not be a problem for anyone. Truly enjoyed this exchange as we got to know more about Josh & your relationship ❣❣❣I agree on your decision re: Evonnie and screen time ???? …You are a wonderful Mother ❣❣❣

  11. You hit the nail on the head as to why we left Lancaster County. We probably could have bought 500 acres in Kentucky for the price of 40 in Lancaster County. That's also why we have so many Amish and Mennonite communities planted across the state over the last forty years. Many of them came here as large, extended family groups in order to stay together, and the family who didn't come comes down by bus regularly. We did get 96 acres for $50,000 back in the mid seventies. It still is probably only worth a couple hundred grand now. I can't imagine what a farm in Lancaster County sells for now.

    I get told I talk fast all the time too. I think that is just Lancaster.

  12. The most difficult part of selling/buying your home is…….strangers going through your things because you’re not there ! When we were selling we had a camera stationed in the home and some of the things we seen people do were just unbelievable!!!

  13. Josh is absolutely correct….if the Amish are interested in buying it , the price goes up !

  14. Do you have wedding rings?

  15. The Bonzai is my favorite!

  16. When my husband and I get into deep conversations while he drives we always miss turns as well. If it's on the main highway it can mean a 30 or 40 minute detour. One day he was on his way home from work. He had me on speaker phone to discuss weekend plans. I hear him cuss and it turned out he missed his turn yet again and I wasn't even in the car lol.

  17. I notice you don’t wear wedding rings, is that due to your faith or just personal choice

  18. You folks are so cute! Looking forward to following your move.

  19. Your husband reminds me of Noah from the Notebook

  20. Can Amish watch YouTube? I didnt think they watched tv, or have cell phones?! I’d love to know, love learning about new things! LOVE LOVE LOVE your family!!

  21. New viewer here. Wow, it is so nice to see a young couple who is mature, dedicated to their family, financially responsible, with their own business/house, etc.!

    Pardon me for sticking my nose in where it does not belong, but I encourage to keep your kids screen free/limited as long as you can. (At least while they are under 5.) Once they start, it's so hard to get them to stop. I have a bit of an outsider's perspective. I don't have kids (not by choice) but I do a lot of child care. I've seen parents who started off committed to limiting screen time finally just give in. It is "easier", in that you can get more done around the house because they're not underfoot. But I've seen how the family dynamics change. Even my relationship with the kids has changed because they'd rather stare at a screen than spend time with me. Again, it's none of my business, especially as a new viewer. But I just thought I'd share my own experience. My heart goes out to parents today. I know every generation has their challenges. But I do think it's way more difficult today than when I was growing up in the 80s.

  22. The more i watch the more i really enjoy this channel!

  23. I’ve never had anything more in common with someone than when you were excited about your milkshake??

  24. In today’s world with misogynists and same sex and no pronouns it’s SOOOOO NICE TO SEE A NORMAL WHITE COUPLE!!!! It’s a shame that I have to even say that BUT ITS SO TRUE!! One can’t turn on the tv without seeing shows and commercials that lead people to think living abomination type lives is ok. And it’s not!!! So BIG SIGH thank you so much. This should be the normal but just wait…..I’m sure I’ll get scolded by someone. Which is sad too!!

  25. mom lives 1500 miles away. 😀

  26. Having a YouTube channel makes you sort of a celebrity.

  27. Aww your hubby is so sweet Megan, it's obvious you were made for each other!

  28. A fun video to watch and giggle here and there. You two are characters and it's fun to see you laugh and banter. Seems like you compliment each other and work together to meet your goals. You are both hard working and have the strength to deny yourselves some things for greater things in the future. Excited for your new home and to watch the remodel etc. and making it your own.

  29. YOU CHEW YOUR MILKSHAKES TOO ? I thought I was the only one!!!

  30. I love Ephrata. My in-law's live there and we would love to move there. Right now it's a 45 minute drive for us which isn't so bad but the turnpike tolls are crazy.

  31. Omg I love the end – you are so right!! When you get Red Robin to go your fries are now limited ??

  32. Just entered your world!! You guys are cute!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  33. I love watching your videos!

  34. As Mennonites are you allowed to wear wedding rings, and what about cutting your hair, I have a relative who is United Pentecostal, no wedding ring unless the husband approves and never cut your hair, her hair is down past her waist, but it takes hours for her to put it up, no makeup, no TV no Christmas trees and the pastor at her church takes in all the money and does not nee to account for it, the kids go to church school or home school, they cant go to public school or they might hve to wear gym shorts, im Lutheran and its interesting to read your stories and know there are true Christian people=good luck on the new home

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