Lightning to HDMI adapter (Apple Lightning to Digital AV)

If you are looking to output from your iPhone or iPad to a TV or monitor via HDMI, then you will need the Apple Lightning to Digital AV cable.

This Lightning to HDMI adapter features a lightning connector and lightning port, so you can keep your iPhone or iPad charged, as well as an HDMI port which allows you to output your video from the iPad or iPhone to a TV or monitor with HDMI.

Things to keep in mind:
1. Each iOS device will…

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  1. Check out this and all the audio and video gear I use at

  2. Hi, thanks for this video! I have an iPhone XR which I use to stream mobile games on twitch via this adapter and an Avermedia HDMI capture card and it works great except there are black bars all around the content. I understand this happens because of my iPhone’s aspect ratio not being 16:9 but is there a way to at least get rid of the left and right black bars? Maybe some kind of setting somewhere? Thanks

  3. Thank you, it looks like it will work for me. Our school district utilizes Ipads. I want to be able to assist the children and keep an eye on their progress.

  4. Mine doesn’t charge. Once plugged in, it charges for 20 secs, then says not charging. I have bought another dongle, used different phones, iPads, and larger charging bricks. Flawed is what comes to mind when I see all this. Apple is way behind Samsung’s DEX, period. I love Apple products better, but when it comes to this, Samsung is far better. Apple is a trillion dollar company, and you’d think they would be better at most things.

  5. So here is why I want this device….use my IPAD to stream games from my awesome super computer upstairs to my huge 75" hdtv downstairs via steamlink. This way I don't have to move my computer downstairs when I have guests or when I am just too damned lazy to get off the couch.

  6. Hi Pete, Paul here.

    Just want it to say first of all thanks for your videos.
    Great realization, well done easy to fallow and understand.
    Real helpful!

    Kick question throw, why haven’t you try to power on the second USB/lightning with his right lightning input?
    It maybe just needed a lil more power .??‍♂️

  7. I am getting a QR code every time I plug it in. Any advice from you would be really appreciate. Please please

  8. I have I phone XS MAX .. and once I connect this adopter with HDMI to tv I am not able to stream Netflix… any ideas ?

  9. Again Pete Hi, Do you think Blue tooth mouse would show up on big screen , I think it should YES

  10. I’ve been using this adapter for over a year now to watch movies from apple TV or websites and they appeared in full screen and everything was perfect, few days ago when i tried to watch a movie from the same website i always use its doesn’t turn to full screen i tried to play a movie from apple tv it says " cannot play movie the connected display is not authorized to play protected movies" they used to work before idk what happened now could someone plz help me ?!

  11. Plugged mine in into two different HDMI ports and nothing. I get a thing called Miraline and all the tutorials are confusing and go way too fast. Any ideas?

  12. I noticed this was uploaded 9 months ago. Thinking about getting one, how does it work now almost a year later? I plan on using mine regularly but if it’s not durable I don’t know if it’s worth the money. Thanks for the vid!

  13. Do you think that the lightning to hdmi adapter can have an additional adapter plugged into it? So that you can use hdmi and then maybe usb.

  14. Why isn’t it working someone help

  15. Hey Pete! It's not related to garageband, but maybe you could help. I want to connect my ipad to a speakerless (!) LCD monitor for watching videos while on treadmill. My biggest question (can't find the answer anywhere): will the sound go through my airpods? Or hdmi connection will mute the ipad as a sound source completely? Thanks!

  16. Can i watch movies from google or safari with this device?

  17. how about osmo pocket to larger LCD screen , like 55 incher??!!

  18. Can I stream online sport streams via safari browser without any issues?

  19. Why does my phone immediately lose service when I try this??

  20. Does it matter which HDMI you use?

  21. Hello! Great video! Could you do a double adapter video for iphone?
    To make it work also add external power to lightning port.
    So you connect hdmi adapter in iphone
    Connect usb adapter in hdmi adapter
    Connect powerbank to usb adapter

    Also try vica versa
    Plugin usb adapter and than
    Plug in hdmi adapter into usb adapter
    And also connect external power!
    This is important)

    Also, try connecting usb mouse, ios 13 now support usb devices like flash drive, mouse, etc

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