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  1. It’s to update the firmware

  2. I have my connected but just get the square code label showing on tv

  3. What kind of splitter device I need to buy if I like to charge my iPhone at the same time?

  4. Can’t watch Disney plus ??

  5. It’s doesn’t not work on IPhone 7 Plus
    Kindly help me

  6. I fix everything …i can watch everything on my TV but why there's no sound? Whyyy anyone help me

  7. Can you use this with a 27 inch computer monitor to have a bigger screen to watch what's on the iphone??

  8. please help when I put updates on tv does not tell me updating 🙁

  9. How come I can’t watch Netflix

  10. Does it work with iphone 6+? Thanks!! I've tried ypur steps but it doesn't work on my phone

  11. Doesnt fucking work

  12. Just qr code in my TV nothing changed

  13. Mine doesn’t go landscape mode. Only portrait

  14. Does it support iphone xs?

  15. My TV doesn’t updgrade with the lightning. All it shows is S500F2A1LG009V001 QR Code on TV. What should i do?

  16. I followed exactly what you did bro . But mines not mirroring still. Howto fix this . We have the same hdmi

  17. I did not use the cable, it gives me a code that I can not find it in the DrongCast application, the code is S500F2A1LG009V011 if you can help me, I'll thank you so much

  18. I have iPhone SE and its not working

  19. All it shows on my tv is the qr code

  20. I have a problem it casts my ipad screen in 4:3 ratio and not in 16:9 please tell me how to fix it

  21. I cant see Netflix

  22. Mine say a different phone link pic on tv from your and my code is s300f2a1lg003v002 please help me

  23. thanks for the video. im disappointed with this cable due to the bad latency lag for the reason that there should be no lag with wired. we might as well use wifi mirror apps.

  24. if phone xiaomi mi mix2 not support MHL. can you that cable ?

  25. the number that appears on TV S500F2A1LG009V003. I followed the steps in the video but doesn.t update. what should I do?

  26. Is it work in spotify ?

  27. i have lag only sound, the sound comes out on tv, I need to set something up ?

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