Apple’s Lightning Digital AV Adapter allows for connecting a new iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad mini, or iPod touch 5th Gen with a Lightning connector to an HDMI display. It also has a Lightning port for connecting a Lightning-USB charging cable so to charge the device while displaying over HDMI. $49,

Video by Mike Flaminio of Insanely Great Mac. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for future videos! Area of focus includes products from Apple and Apple-related software and accessories….

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  1. I just bought that today so I can watch my Netflix on a bigger screen and it’s not working at all. I followed the simple directions and it says nothing is plugged into my tv.

  2. Hi id like to use my TV as a view finder for my Iphone 7 i record makeup vids for youtube on my phone and i like to be able to use the back camera am i able to do so with this adapter ?

  3. All works great when I plug the iPhone 6 into my TV at home using this adapter EXCEPT Directv. As soon as any video plays on Directv, my TV screen goes blank. I can hear the audio, but not the video. This is not the case with Watch ESPN, or other streaming services. Only Directv does not play. Any help?

  4. I can play video but for some reason i cannot control the volume it is at max. Any one know how to work around that? I have tried both the tv and my phone.

  5. My iPad Air 2 isn't charging through the adapter. Help me please.

  6. Are there any CHEEPER! ones that are not 50$

  7. What kind of cable do you use? Just an hdmi cable, or a different one with the yellow, white, and red plugs in?

  8. Does sound go to the TV? I want to be able to watch movies on my tv instead of my iPhone 6… Help please

  9. Mine is not working for the iPhone 5s! Do I have to change a setting??? Plz help!

  10. How do I get it to work on my PC? PLz halp!

  11. What is the best way to use the Lightning Digital AV Adapter to capture your screen, like you did in this video. I am trying to get started in video capture.@MikeFlaminio

  12. It won't charge while plugged in. Could it be that I may need a new charger cable?

  13. Can you use the lightning port on it for another accessory, or is it just for charging? Want to use it in the car, but use the extra lightning port to maintain the in-car controls and maybe get audio from lightning as well rather than hdmi. Older car, so it's a little hackey.

  14. Where did you buy that

  15. help me i got a ipad 2 whit ios 8.1 and i plug it in to my tv and it show up but a few seconds it says this this device may not be supported help me! 

  16. It don't connect on my iPod touch 5th gen

  17. Can't I just the 4 hdmi and buy 5 extension for the i5

  18. great saw your video about using the apple lightning digital av adapter..i am thinking buying one but am confused about choosing hdmi or vga adapter..will i be able to use the the digital av adapter to vga projector via hdmi vga connector??i cant find any answer in the internet so far and no tutorials.pleae give a answer.and please dont tell me to buy another lightning to vga adapter.or apple tv..i wanted to know if i can use the lightning digital av adapter for presentation via hdi vga connector..would be great if u coud make tutorial for it.many of us are waiting for it

  19. Quick!
    I have the av adapter for my iphone 4 and here's the question: Coud you or could you not purchase an adapter 8 to 30 pins to connect it to the end of the av adapter. Will it do the trick? The av adapter for my iphone 4 has now a a lightning end, WILL IT WORK?

  20. The question has been asked before but I'm not seeing an answer. Does it work for netflix. I don't have regular internet but have unlimited 4g LTE. I want to know does it work with Netflix?

  21. On the home screen it shows a weird picture! what the hell!!!! It only lets me use videos help

  22. Is there a cable that would allow me to display my iphone 5 screen on a PC monitor? This PC monitor is a little older so it doesn't have an HDMI input. It only has a DVI, VGA, S-video and USB inputs. has a lightning to VGA cable, but I don't want to spend the $50 to see if it would work. Hoping to find someone that has done this already to confirm.

  23. Everything is just perfect as it should be, but the f***ng price. Btw I got the same cable(not an adapter) with my old Sony Neo for free in standart box. Meh.

  24. Res on TV should be higher,  just looks to big.

  25. Does it work with iPod 3

  26. I bought it, used it three times and now it doesn't work anymore. I connect everything correctly but it simply doesn't receive the signal. WHY? I don't think it's broken irnsomething like that, because i just used it three times, goddamit!

  27. Does the volume on the tv work if u plug it up?

  28. What's the game called?

  29. THANK YOU!!! I couldn't figure out how this thing worked (or if it worked) but it is exactly what I need. Thank you so much for the video!

  30. Would Netflix work?

  31. Do you need any s/w app for that? or just plug-in the HDMI & watch the show?

  32. Mike – happy I came across your video. Simple question, I want to record video on my iphone and/or ipad mini while running the lighting to HDMI out to a television. Can I record AND have it on the television as it happens? I was told that if I record the phone/ipad mini screen goes out. Doesn't seem logical, but I wanted to ask someone who knows before I purchase the adapter. THANKS!

  33. wth how the hell am i sopposed to chargemy ipod wtf do i need to buy im sorry im a dumbass please reply

  34. This Lightning to HDMI adapter is an official Apple product, so no jailbreak is required.

  35. Does the camera app work with this? Because I want to use it as an Elmo

  36. Mine fucking doesn't work.

  37. What if i have movies on the "camera roll" can i open it and watch on tv?

  38. @iPhoneslover probably not

  39. Is jailbreak required for this ??? Please reply

  40. That shit is ridiculously expensive.

  41. So what's the resolution? same on the device?

  42. Hi, I have an ipod touch 5g, and I would like to connect it to my tv, the problem is that my tv does not have HDMI input, only RCA.
    is there any adapter for this?

  43. We're to buy this??

  44. Hi!
    can we do that to watch foxtel?
    I'm in Australia and I do have a foxtel at home separately, I just want to watch it when I'm away. Do you think foxtel's blocked it as well?

  45. I only have a couple issues with this. One is that it feels awkward holding the device while a stiff HDMI cable is plugged in. I really wish apple made the tail that connects to the device longer so that the HDMI cable could rest on the table. Second, this thing REALLY draws a lot of power so best have your device plugged into the charging kit (not a computer since it still won't charge) through that second port.

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