– As much as my three-year-old seems to enjoy “listening” to my HyperX gaming headsets, we decided it was probably a good idea to get her a set of children’s headphones instead. Here’s a quick look at the LilGadgets Connect+ wired headphones for kids with SharePort.

LilGadgets Connect+ (Purple) –
LilGadgets Connect+ (Pink) –
LilGadgets Connect+ (Blue) –

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  1. Do you have a special pair of headphones for your kids?

  2. Thanks for actually putting them on! I'm looking for something with a detachable cord, but for my grown-up head.

  3. Yes! We have 2 pairs for our girls and they love them. Mostly because they stay on their tiny heads hehe.

  4. LOVE THESE I need a set for both girls. Our upcoming roadtrip to Seattle will never be so sweet… does this mean I can actually listen to adult music?

  5. Man, your transitions were awesome!!! And she's just adorable, so that's a BIG win for this video! Nicely done, sir!

  6. YES. Yes. yes. Her reaction was priceless, leave me alone now. LOL

  7. We dont have any, but these look good!

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