The Logitech G PRO X gaming headset is pretty unique due to its integration of Blue Microphone technology! Yes, the Logitech + Blue Microphone collab we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! But does that make the PRO X the best gaming headset for 2019 and did Blue give them the best mic on any headset?

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  1. *CORRECTION: Both the PRO and PRO X pairs come with the USB dongle, and only the PRO X has the BLUE VOICE software built-in. You're essentially paying $29 more for the BLUE VOICE suite in G-HUB.

  2. Which is better this or HyperX Cloud Alpha?

  3. these or G935?

  4. This is 150 aud more than the regular G pro, imagine having to pay 150 bucks just for blue voice software.

    Thanks Australia

  5. The Micro isn’t that good, my 30€ has a better one. I got the Pro Headset, I play on PS4

  6. how do you get in the mic setting section, i dont have it

  7. Hello. I just purchased this headset and even after downloading ghub, i cant get my mic to work. The audio works but any mic test i try or when I'm on discord, there's 0 voice input… I went everywhere it seems to try and figure this out.. any clue? Anyone had this happen? The fit and finish is so nice but if I cant talk i would have to return this for something else… please help?

  8. Thank you for speaking to the 'sidetone' feature. This is a must for me and lots of headsets don't have it.

  9. if you pair these with a Sound BlasterX G6 they sound amazing!!!!!

  10. I really want this as a wireless one.

  11. finally a good headset that doesnt make me look like a clown in a circus show

  12. Which mic was the first?

  13. Hey HardwareCanucks. Just bumped into your Channel. Truly loving it. ?. You’ve earned a Subscriber. Keep up the good work man!

    Question. I’ve had my Logitech G933 since they came out on 2015. I’m looking for an upgrade. What do you recommend. These caught my eye. Sound quality is more of an importance then mic quality. Specially after me having the g933.

    Hopefully you get to see this.

  14. got my G PRO X today and im having major problems, while im tweaking and listening to myself through the recording thing on the blue voice it sounds good i have tweaked it so it sounds good there but when i activate the ssidetone it sounds horrible, it picks up all noise, my mouseclicking and even when i whisper as quiet as i can and it picks up sound from downstairs???? and on Teamspeak and discord it doesnt sound the same at all as in the recording in blue voice? i need help

  15. I will sadly sad the surround sound was better even in my g633's, but all around better headset

  16. Im happy with my Beyerdynamic MMX 300:)

  17. Wtf is wrong with you people, just buy a standalone mic and get a quality pair of headphones.
    Problem solved.

  18. I’ve been wanting to ask this question.

    Were your headphones connected to a nice audio interface when reviewing? Like this video?

    Sometimes I trust audio reviews and it sounds bad on my end. I don’t have an interface.

  19. Hello can you please help me with an answer. Can you use it with Laptop? I mean dose the Microphone still work with the Laptop?

  20. is this redragon zeus but all black?

  21. Does it work for a ps3/ps4

  22. No. Its not the best. My G35 back in the day still sounds better, and doesn't give sort of "feedback" when used. I can literally hear every single tiny noise – especially the higher noises – such as mouse clicking, keyboard writing (!!!!), and the fans on my computer. Terrible. And Blue Voice is a scam. It's terrible as well.

  23. is it worth the extra 30$ or should i just try the original g pro

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