Lets do something different this easter, lets do a GIVEAWAY! 😀
1.Find the golden egg IN ANY VIDEOS UPLOADED BETWEEN 19.04.2019 & 23.04.2019 and email a screenshot with a marker around it to
2.Find the small egg IN ANY VIDEOS UPLOADED BETWEEN 18.04.2019 & 23.04.2019 and email a screenshot with a marker around it to

Comment your toughts about this video…

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  1. Thank you! That's exactly the video I needed 'cause I'm planning to buy the iPad 7 for editing Mavic Air footage ?

  2. Its good price ipad 9.7 2018 128GB wifi + sim sealed 400e? Or to go to ipad pro 10.5 2017 wifi + 4g

    I cannot decide… I need it only for mavic 2 pro and luma fusion

  3. Is lumafusion completely free ?

    If not than what's its price ?

  4. This is the vid review i was looking 4 between ipads and Lumafusion video editing… Thanks man got a new subscriber.

  5. Awesome. I am using the same ipad for my editing. Works great with lumafusion on all resolution.

  6. Is it the a10 fusion processor on that ipad?

  7. I was wondering if my iPad would work with Luma Fusion. This video is just what I needed. Thanks.

  8. Hi, which generation is you ipad pro 12.9, first or second?

  9. Hi Rob i have a little weird question for you ! Should i get this ipad or a laptop in that price range ? I am planning to do 1080p video editing the most so kind of confuse.

  10. Have you tried the base iPad with LumaFusion 2.0? Just curious if it runs just as well. Great videos!


  12. Can we make real cinematic aspect ratio in ipad? not fake cinematic like every1 did by putting black bar cinematic png

  13. p l a y
    t i m e
    i s
    o v e r

  14. Can I use my iPhone X
    257GB in Lumafusion
    Or is it just for IPad Pro ? I’m planning to purchase this app to enhance my video editing
    By using my IPhone X
    I really love your YouTube channel & I already subscribe ??

  15. Does the original video comes out to be smooth without any lag on iPad pro…

  16. By the way, great screen beside you!

  17. What a creative way to do a giveaway!! Great job! I hope I find an egg ?

  18. loved the drone footage

  19. Very good video CC!
    Can you make a tutorial for it?

  20. What language was your son speaking?

  21. I use the iPad 9.7’ for producing all my educational videos, and editing videos with lumafusion and edit my audio with brusfri for removing background noises

    Please upload a video about all audio interference in lumafusion
    How to normalise audio only with lumafusion instead of audacity

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