Ex-Google tech lead Patrick Shyu reviews Mac versus PC for programmers and software developers. For the tech field, is there a clear choice on which laptop/computer to get and what’s the reasoning? Why is it that every developer at tech conferences or in Silicon Valley seems to have a Macbook, and what’s the big deal behind Unix/Linux? How about Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

Also, I should have mentioned Linux installations more. My opinion is that since it doesn’t support Adobe…

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  1. Still I use windows but interested in iOS development ?

  2. Whether Oracle can be natively (Without docker or VM) installed in MacOS?

  3. If ya'll looking for a tool like homebrew or apt-get on windows just search for "chocolatey"
    Go check it and know that You ow me a coffee now

  4. Use Linux and your life better.

  5. Mac books. All the backdoor codes stolen & sold. Any1 can access them remotely

  6. How about Linux machine?

  7. Ahh~ i love my hackintosh whackbook-bro 2020

  8. Ha ha ha ? you are the only person who bought sony vaio laptops ? , nobody in windows use vaio laptops ?

  9. linux is best then comes windows.

  10. Idk man can't you just install Solaris or unbutu or something on a PC… Pretty sure there still free…

  11. who's yo daddy? not techlead (as an ex-googler, ex-facebook, millionaire)

  12. terminal > comman prompt… just saying

  13. Why split hairs? Better yet, buy what you like. I don't hear the guy disparaging Windows machines at all. I do, however, see a lot of Windows users giving a Mac user down the road. Over nothing! What he's saying makes sense if you bother to listen to the ENTIRE VIDEO. Also, speaking as a developer who has used all three major platforms for several years, I can tell you the Mac has worked out much better FOR ME. Not for you? Well, that's you!

  14. The best thing of Windows is that is very easy to remove and install Linux

  15. Windows subsystem for Linux? Emm, why? LOL, if you ACTUALLY need linux env in addition to Windows, you are able to make dual-boot, and IMO dual-booting is more stable solution than creating virtual environments with full operation systems. It may be suitable for servers (but hell, why you would simply use VirtualBox than), but for instance for my laptop, doesn't make any sense RAM-wise to run couple of kernels simultaneously.

  16. I'm not a developer myself, but I work closely with about 30. None of them uses a mac. Some use Linux, but most of them actually use windows. I'm personally so freaking old, that I learned how to use DOS back in the 80s. So I love that it's still in there.

  17. This was a great take

  18. You are still my HERO!!!!

  19. I like how he has been paid not to talk about installing Ubuntu on PC.


  21. I bought a sony smartphone a while back and then after a year it just broke for no reason(it was total shit). It's just crazy how sony as a company suddenly dropped off a cliff in a span of like 7 years???

  22. Ex-Google, Ex-Facebook, and soon-to-be Ex-Youtube

  23. Why not choose linux?

  24. "Computers are a long term investment, they will last you at least two years and maybe even four."
    Sitting here with my seven or eight year old ASUS laptop running Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04.

  25. Macbooks are reliable…

    Louis Rossman would like to know your number.

  26. Windows subsystem for Linux is pretty useful for developing on Windows now

  27. Linux for life Bro … a Mac is used by commercial coders , you can't own a Mac devise in 100%

  28. The definition "Unix-based" is being used as a denotation for OS, which imitates the original UNIX.
    They work on various architectures and they are being used a lot as working stations.
    So I do not agree on what you are saying to be the reason why MAC is better for programming 😉

  29. Is it only me or the tree actually has a face?

  30. Dang! Patrick opened up windows explored the file system; my freaking nightmares came back to me!

  31. I really ENJOY your videos bc U R so honest & down 2 Earth & don't treat ALLofUS who aren't tech geniuses like we R idiots. Thanks a bunch!!!
    I'm more interested in an OS that won't TRACK & SPY on me. I know ms windows 10 DOES TRACK & SPY & more than likely, SELLS our metadata 4 mega-PROFIT 2 them!!! I was interested in Chromebooks; but, I think Google also, collects & data-mines 2 SELL 4 PROFIT 2 others. Also, I don't like the idea of ALL of my DOCs being in the Google cloud & could B data-mined, stolen, or just DISAPPEAR from existence. I REFUSE 2 let my laptop update 2 ms windows 10 bc of what I've read about ms 10 tracking & spying on its users. I'm really at a loss as 2 if there is any software that won't SPY on U & steal your data. It seems like I'm going 2 have 2 go back 2 my 20 year old computer & use that old word processing software that was SO BAD in order 2 protect my DOCs. U got any ideas on what I could use 2 protect my DOCs from theft, spying, selling my ideas & B able 2 access my entire DOC & save it on2 an external hard drive? I know ms will stop providing service 2 ms windows computers in 2020, which is 2 unsafe 2 use bc of hackers' malware & virus stuff. I'm so angry at ms windows 4 going 2 the DARK side of MOB$TER tactics of SPYing on ALLofUS & SELLING their souls 2 the deevil 4 avaricious greed.
    P.S. I'm retired & on a fixed income; so, the mac price is quite exorbitant; but, mayB I can search 4 a used one 2 replace my 2009 laptop. I researched how 2 change my OS on my laptop from ms windows 2 Google Chrome & located a few youtube videos on how 2 do that; but, I was scared 2 try it.
    I thank U 4 your attention 2 this matter & hope U could help me w/ my decision 2 either get a Chromebook, a previously used Macbook, or a way 2 keep my DOCs on an external hard drive & NOT in the Google cloud. I saved a few of my DOCs on my external hard drives; but, they R pdf's, which I researched 2 discover pdfs R not safe from hackers & will no longer B supported next year.
    I guess this is WHY most writers write in longhand (like Steven King), or use old IBM Selectric typewriters (I gave mine 2 Salvation Army 20 something years ago–wished I'd seen this coming–I'd have kept that IBM jewel!
    Thanks again & KEEP up the GOOD WORK 2 WARN ALLofUS about the MOB$TER CORP PIMP$ who R CONTROLLING & ENSLAVING ALLofUS!!!

  32. Mac do not autoresize window when you move it so this is why windows is better, no games, no nvidia geforce anymore, most of the good side of Mac could be done easily by any Linux or Bsd and it’s free and when comes to support of any hardware windows and linux is beyond mac

  33. The edges of Mac laptops are uncomfortably sharp so I don’t like using them. Plus trash keyboard….. Typing this on a iPad.

  34. Since I started programming I started using Linux in a PC and recently I switched to mac and honestly I didn't see great advantages compared with PC + Linux. I'm talking as a developer if you're in design or something you might not like that much

  35. hey TechLead, please give a review on the new macbook pro 16" for developer

  36. Windows 10 has Terminal now.

  37. As a Linux sysadmin and programmer, I completely agree with the TL's premise with respect to Apple computers being more conducive to programming (Unix ) and hence having the largest market share per developer community. The problem with Apple is that it does not always has the latest specs contrary to what most consumers believe, especially the hardware as TL briefly touched on. Also, Apple devices also tries hard to lock you into their proprietary ecosystem not unlike Windows. Finally, the former pricey products, high quality and aesthetic as they are, are normally out of range practically for penny-pinching IT newbies and students. There exists an alternative between the two OS without resorting to Windows "horrid hybrid" subsystems, which is to purchase a used (a gen or two older i7 or even better Xeon but not i5 or lower!) high-end industrial grade workstations (HP Zbooks, Spectre, and xps, Lenovo P1 and Dell Precision, my fav as all the components are mil-specs robust, scalable and easily swappable) all decked out with the standard multi_cores, 16+GB RAM, expanded storage SSD primary+ 2nd bay+ M.2NVMe+ Sata (optional), Nvidia Quadro, etc. all for about half of a used Apple. Next, install a popular Linux distro (Ubuntu or Mint for beginners RHEL/CentOS for superuser) onto Windows for dual boot. This way, one can get native access to Terminal for SSH or cloud integration/deployment and other dev work (w/o the dependency incompatibility, bugs if subsystems) while maintaining Windows office apps widely used in the enterprise which the majority of developers is a part of. Just think of the Windows environment as your business PC, your Linux distro as your dev idea and the overkill specs as the perfect gaming system for your RnR in betweens when nobody is looking over your shoulders as you hardly at work:)–all on the one device! Personally, these babies are great for running VM, containerization, data intense analytics and visualizations (for some reason, the extremely popular tool Tableau is only available on Windows!), .NET/ASP. and business apps and CAD design are well suited with these machines. I use Bash and Powershell/ISE in addition to other scripts and both are powerful in their respective systems, though the former is more intuitive for me than the latter.

  38. Windows for programming is not a good idea imo. Except you're doing specific Microsoft stuff, then sure. For the rest you will dive into a sea of madness and non-sense stuff, trying to figure it out what is happening behind your file system.

    In Unix systems, everything is on files, so basically there is no magic going on. You want to install something, put some files on it, load the environment with some variables and that's pretty much it. On Windows you are at the mercy of the installer, the regedit and a bunch of weird stuff that happens that you probably don't have a clue about.

    Last but not least, you eventually will need to mess with linux servers at some point when deploying or fixing or managing your stuff. The terminal is your friend in Unix systems; in Windows… good luck with that

  39. Hi TeachLead, I notice you're running windows in classic mode. Are you trying to save on memory or something?

  40. I’m disappointed. You didn’t mention about any linux distros. And most of the server uses linux kernel rather than Unix.

  41. What about Linux ?!? You know the little penguin. You can use it if you are so in UNIX space. Why setup CYGWIN or MSYS just to SSH in UNIX server and do your work? Most modern laptops (except Macs) can run it.

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