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What’s going on everyone!

The MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air are both excellent and reliable laptop options for college students so I figured I’d make a short comparison between the MacBook Pro vs the MacBook Air.

Throughout my four years of college I owned both the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air, and in this video I’ll not only talk about my experiences with both, but which laptop is best for you as a student!

As always thank you so much for…

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  1. I have a MacBook Air but it's one of the newer ones from QVC

  2. just got my MacBook Air, I love it

  3. Gyasi u Ghanaian?

  4. Which are the apps that are taxing on computer. I just want to do coding (5-6 hrs/day) , will AIR 2017 model be sufficient & would last for atleast 4-5 years (if used just for this purpose & handled with care) ?

  5. Programming isn't very CPU intensive a lot of times, unless you're doing something like machine learning or running very heavy programs. I think the MacBook is also a fine choice if you are on a budget I use a 2018 MacBook Air 16gb and it handles all the coding I do (running a server, Android app development, coding in Java & Python, etc. Since the 2019 MacBook the pro have became a really good deal and the power your getting is a good choice for the price. I'd recommend saving up for the MacBook Pro 2019 but the Air will likely handle a lot of your coding demands :P.

  6. I watched your computer science video so inspiring I'm in middle school trying to get into programming

  7. Sup bro glad to see you still grinding and growing. You’re right around the corner from that goal you were talking about in school

  8. thats my man…i love this video..i love apple porducts…u havebeen my favourite youtuber ever,,wish i could meet u oneday??

  9. Started school today. Another year in cs! Only 3 semesters left!!

  10. Should I get 16gb with the pro or is 8 good

  11. Great to share your knowledge with others….great video! I enjoy them

  12. Gyashi!
    I hope you’re doing well bro. I’m already three weeks into the Apple job and it’s a lot of work. Got to stay strong and keep on grinding. I recently saved up my paycheck and I think I’m going to get the MacBook Pro based from this review. Thanks for your advice and keep it up.

  13. Thank you, this was a great video.

  14. NGL I really needed this. Perfect timing

  15. hey bro also can you do a video on how to clean your macbook, like the materials, finger touches etc because i feel like it will be a bad habit for me :/

  16. dont even air this shit its all pro

  17. I don't know about macbook. But I know about which internship is best for college students. I think that Google Internship is the best for college students and Facebook on 2nd num. I experienced both.

  18. Hey! Im a CC student and I was supposed to transfer to a Uni of Cal this year but I am going to stay another year for CS. Your videos really made me want to do CS and I just fell in love with the work. Also, i enjoyed this video!!

  19. The best notebook 4 students is XIAOMI NOTEBOOK

  20. Wow I just needed an answer texted but u made a whole vid on it

  21. gyasi school starts next Monday and I am ready to crush it. Going to every class, take notes, study, and do my work early and turn them in on time. But try not to post too much or else I will get distracted in class lol. These videos are helpful and high quality. Keep up the good work. =]

  22. i wanna buy a new laptop but im thinking macbook or hp
    BTW im studying CS and i didnt have any exp with macbook what do u think

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