Dave2D review of the best laptops for school and college.
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  1. These are some laptops for students with a BANGING budget but if you're looking for something more affordable. Stay tuned =)
    Thanks for watching my stuff 2d fam!

  2. I have a surface pro 4 and it’s terrible and doesn’t charge

  3. the microsoft surface looks so good but its really hard to decide for me especially becuase im stuck into the apple ecosystem but im woried about the windows os i heard that it has lots of bugs and issues with the software with mac os its really smooth, It really hard

  4. Hi i love your video
    So iam buying miscosoft surface go so can you plz tell me
    I buy or not??

  5. Your video does not serve the purpose as expected from reading the topic, gave a more decisive review. My current MacBook Air has lasted for seven years still going, can alkatara fabric last that long?

  6. mac lasted for 2 yrs for me…i m so dead

  7. Could you do the same comparison with new versions of surface pros?

  8. I bought surface pro last year when I was in singapore.. and 2 months a go it broke down. I called microsoft for service. He asked me to go to Singapore to fix it. And then i went to Singapore to fix it. The problem was ssd, but the ssd is built in the motherboard. So i need replace the motherboard if i want my surface back go life. Damn what a fail product! I use this surface only for office paperwork and in 1 year 4 months, it died. Totally fail product. Dont buy or you will regret!

  9. why don't you ever recommend Thinkpads. They're reasonably priced,durable and have the best keyboard known to mankind

  10. I remember watching this trying to choose between these and chose surface pro 2017. Works like a charm

  11. What a student?!

  12. Grab a skin so you don't "scratch the Surface" ? pun intended

  13. I still can’t decide

  14. What surface pro is it

  15. Usless vor Engineering ?‍♂️

  16. I have a Surface Pro 6 for Engineering.

  17. I recommend the Surface 4 pro
    It is really good for the school

  18. Got the Surface Pro 6 and watching this now

  19. 2019 update pls!!

  20. love the surface pro but they need to fix the gap under the keyboard and adding thunderbolt connection to it

  21. thunderbolt on surface pro plzzzzz

  22. I actually was thinking of buying a windows laptop but my whole school uses macs and are in the Apple ecosystem so I was kinda forced to buy a mac.

  23. I had a surface pro but the mother board died only 2 years after using the product plus it also used to glitch but even thought I had a bad experience I still like that laptop like it's really versatile and the resolution is really good and pen was amazing as well.

  24. I also really think the Lenovo yoga 730 13.3 is a great pick for students

  25. You think you could give me a free surface pro? Or a really good deal on one

  26. ok what the hell. the surface pro won. no. i cant trust ur videos anymore lol

  27. can we agree that the razer blade is gay as hell.

  28. can we agree that the razer blade is thacc

  29. Am torn between the MacBook Pro 15 inch and window based laptops. My problem with the windows based machines is their diminishing power over time. I don’t know about macbooks especially for an architect

  30. I wish he knows that i bought myself a surface pro for only 730 euros… GG 🙂 Amazon <3

  31. Surface isn't the king of pen input. Apple pencil is better than surface pen.

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