Maine Used Mobile Homes, Great If You Want To Avoid The Rent Run, Eventually Build A New Home The Pay As You Go …

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  1. please reply to my question soon please..he said that the bank will respond on my offer before the 23rd of this i want to be prepared on what to say next..thanks alot for your help..

  2. I went to see a mobile home listed at 53K, it was a little beat up and its bank owed/ its been abandoned for a while..the real estate agent said, that the bank is going to still PAINT carpet, and fix it up still..and he seem very friendly and we did the paper work to make an offer..But HE recommended me to OFFER 8 thousand LESS!! so at 45K.. witch will include all the repairs and stuff. what should i do? is that a good idead to offer that much less? what about his commision

  3. My brother wants to tranfer his mobile home to my name, and im gonna move there as soon as my brother leaves, but question… Can i move into this mobile home without telling the property managers of the park? Cause i know they can raise the space rent to new owners. But if i get cause, they might kick me out? Or what? Help please..

  4. Good Video WoW!! I thought keying the car was only in places like california .

    If someone was cranking Metallica at 3 in the morning i would go over an shake there hand an say welcome to the neighborhood.

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