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  1. Bro didn’t have the account a full week

  2. 2k as a series needs to end with 20. Design a new game with a new title from the ground up. The community is a flaming pile of hackers glitchers micro transactions soulless overly aggressive weirdos(on the mic). ALSO THE GAME BORING! It literally has animations that defy all the laws of physics! This project needs to die and start brand new. NBA LIVE… plz come through.

  3. I feel TERRIBLE for the kid, but I'm not hating on any negative light 2K receives from this. Yes this kids experience is ruined, but how does 2K not think about this…
    2K community: actively voices out changes that need to be made all year round since we are technically the 'game testers'
    2K devs: ignores the whole community the past 3 years, yet makes evey change 1 kid wants and implement it all in the game in 1 day (I understand the kids circumstances, but 2K is becoming a worse/money hungry product more and more each year)

  4. Big ups Brute‼️

  5. Are you talking about the 2k community or the black community? Because this shit hit home fr

  6. No such thing as “snitching” in 2k ? weirdos… stop cheating and just play the gm

  7. They need they ass stomped out

  8. 2k community sad man no respect just fucked up

  9. Not black people problem sorry for the kid, but racism in the country has done to much, even today for caping of any kind. Get on code 2k is America

  10. I feel like the toxicity is bred from 2k itself. VC is a scam. Myteam is pay to win. Career is grind heavy so shortcuts/boosting doesnt feel like cheating. Then you got reps like Ronnie lying about the game. 2k is like the black market of gaming. Anything goes.

  11. A make a wish kid? Okay Houston we have a problem. These logos are nice but obviously getting/losing one is at 2k's discretion but when they do something great like this and that is the response?! Go outside! 2k, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo let's not allow this but do not punish the masses let's punish the offenders this cannot continue. You really thought it was cool to hack a make a wish boy my dude? Like really?!

  12. This is why 2k doesn't give a shit about our complaints. People constantly hack and cheat, why would they listen to us.

  13. there is at least ONE person in this "community" that is excellent at digitally finding people that do this…. it is the people that made this game trash. NO 2k was and is not perfect but its a freakn game. sick people keep winnin. time for yaw "REAL" ones to get off your butts to help squash this bull

  14. Gotta be a real low life to do something like that…. smh

  15. why is it so easy to Hack ps4 PS5 Sony PlayStation……..Sony PlayStation Sucks…Whoever Hacked them Kids Needs to Be SMacKed

  16. I can't believe this actually happened. Gives me a little less hope in ppl. Let's clean up the community. Right there with ya Brute.????

  17. One bum @ a time….

  18. Trust me mannnnnnnnn! lol my bad had to do it but this isn’t even shocking anymore. It’s fucked up but it’s not shocking. Me and my three decided fuck it. We gonna ignore all the bullshit and just keep grinding till legend until the PS5 drops then if Live drops a new game for ps5 we probably gonna switch

  19. Brute Squad.

    Thanks for this Brut. Much love and respect. I love the NBA 2K games, and have since 2k10. Like you said, props to Ronnie and everyone at 2k and Take Two for granting this. The hack, though… is beyond sad. Anyone that would do something like that for any reason…leaves me with a heavy heart. Another reason why I don't play the Park/Rec modes. Don't need that kind of toxicity.

  20. You have to be a real ass hole to hack a make a wish account from this young man as a 2k community this has to stop let's do better

  21. Bro whoever took that nigga shit need his ass beat fr thats the weakest move I've ever seen that nigga a bitch omm!!

  22. I wonder if this will hit the news station(s) … If so, I hope it makes a difference

  23. is that a playstation hacked account…… i dont think that happen on xbox at all…. playstation people are toxic

  24. 1 bum at a time Brut

  25. Hell yea blast then cheaters Brut. U gotta be some kinda of evil fucker to hack a make a wish kid account. GET A LIFE

  26. Brute squad! Yo love you're channel. Bro you real and that what keep me on a channel.

  27. Sad times bruh. We will never get anywhere with the status quo.

  28. Brutsquad i sent u some boosters to your twitter these fuck boys gotta go killing us all slowly an if u still rep PS4 2020 sumthin wrong wit u

  29. Cmon man this shit gotta stop

  30. My heart just broke

  31. Respect I agree ??? percent ✊?

  32. NBA LIVE gotta come hard fr !

  33. Shit is sad, tryna make dude happy on the end of his rope and you fuck up his day when any day could be the last day?

    I heard on twitch that the league of legends community is the most toxic community in gaming, But Im sure they just don't know about the 2k community.

    Had ta turn off message alerts after hitting elite, you not allowed to lose a game after that apparently.

  34. This right here is on some different kind of toxic……

  35. Not cool. Not cool at all.

  36. Sony is the problem, I hope they shape up with things like that

  37. Let's see if 2k does anything this is sad

  38. ?? that’s why ima stay on the Xbox. My account stay lock up. Playstation need to get it together.

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