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Skip ahead times below. We had the most amazing trip and I love sharing it with you 🙂

The Condo: Kapalua Villas, we always get “Gold Oceanfront” and never know what unit we are going to get but this is our favorite
2:18 Our Morning Walks
4:02 Beach & Bikinis
4:47 Snorkeling
5:37 Outfits

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  1. you're so beautiful! lucky sweet friend. I save all your Sunday chat's. Love them?

  2. That was breathtaking, oh my goodness the views you had, a piece of heaven. You looked stunning in everything you had on. You and your hubby are such a handsome couple.?

  3. Hawaii is in my bucket list. I’ve been to the Caribbean a couple times but never to Hawaii (yet) That condo is beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing ? that 911 remark had me laughing ?

  4. Oh my goodness forgive me if my comment is too long but I must chat ? I was so anxious to watch this last weekend leading up to our vacation but life put a change to our plans so instead I vactioned for a few moments through your beautiful video and memories?. …what a breathtaking view, room and experience and you looked absolutely gorgeous??. lucky for us my son and daughter in law made the sacrifice of going in our place? videos, beautly, fashion etc etc may be what connects us initially on Instagram and you tube but its a kind spirit in the end that truly matters …you were the first one that sent me a message last weekend when I was in such despair….you are beautiful and knowledgeable about so many things but most important you are kind and loving and that is what makes you the most beautiful …thank you for sharing your vacay but mostly thank you for the difference you make and we all can make with kindness??❤️❤️

  5. You look like movie stars!

  6. I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! It’s so beautiful!!!! You are soooo gorgeous and look so happy and relaxed!!! You and your hubby so adorable too !!! Ty for sharing and going to Hawaii or one of the islands is on my bucket list !!!!YOU LOOK AMAZING IN YOUR BIKINS !! You got a rockin sexy body !!!;)Hopefully next year or so !!!! Love you sweet boo !!!?xoxo

  7. Very beautiful place! Thanks for sharing, your dresses fit you like a glove, please share where you buy your dresses and bathing suits, you look fabulous?

  8. You both look great…making memories!

  9. So beautiful. I've been to Hawaii 3 times but always stay in Oahu at the military hotel Hale Koa. It is beautiful there too but your condo or apartment was gorgeous and the view breathtaking. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  10. I always love watching your Maui vlogs! Thank you to both of you for sharing them with us!!! ??

  11. Oh my goodness those views are gorgeous!! What a beautiful place! Hope you had lots of fun and relaxation!!

  12. You look great! Hope you enjoyed your time away. Where do you find your bikinis?

  13. Hi Elle, I so want to visit Hawaii! I enjoyed your vlog so much, loved seeing the sea turtles. Looks like you had a great vacation. Thanks for taking us along with you. xo Cathy

  14. This was glorious! I look forward to this every year! Thanks for taking us with you! I really liked the bikinis and dresses! Love you!

  15. Everything was beautiful. Ya'll look so happy and that y'all enjoyed your time there. You are so fit. What is your lifestyle regime. Thanks much n God bless

  16. WOW what a body Elly! how do you do it?

  17. Breathtaking! The views and you gorgeous friend … I love walks that turn into hikes! I always joke with Mike that one day they will have rescue us in a helicopter lol. Thanks for sharing your vacations with us. Hugs from ??!

  18. I love, love this video!! I was in Hawaii 19 years ago and def need to go back!!! I love many of the dresses you are wearing and would LOVE to know brand and where you got them. Hopefully you will be able to list. Also please share how you keep such a great tight tummy!!!! You look amazing and I am never disappointed after watching one of your videos…

  19. Oh, I love Maui! Your condo was awesome!! And you look like a movie star!

  20. You two are adorable! Thanks for sharing this, makes me want to visit Maui (I've never been)!

  21. Beautiful place with beautiful people. You and Mark are a lovely couple.

  22. What a great video. You look amazing in all your beautiful dresses. That is a beautiful place.

  23. Elle this place is magical what a lovely view ? enjoy!

  24. The view from your condo is breathtaking! You look gorgeous in your bikinis and your evening wear!! WOW girl – you still got it! Snorkeling looked fun – the fish are so pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Looks absolutely wonderful!!!

  26. OMGOOSH Elle! It's Heaven on earth! No wonder my husband has always wanted to go back. How clear and blue that water is; to be able to see the fish and turtles all around. You and Mark make a lovely couple and how you can wear bikinis. ❤

  27. Thanks for sharing, Elle! I always very much enjoy your Maui vlogs. Love all of your outfits! Have a great weekend. Stéphanie

  28. You looked strikingly like Zsa Zsa Gabor in the first long dress with your hair up…gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, the pictures were so amazing… Hope you had a wonderful time. Off-topic, I just started the book anatomy of a scandal that you had mentioned. I know I’m going to love it.

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