Are you listening to life at too high a volume and putting your hearing at risk?

“The No. 1 thing you can do to keep your hearing as healthy as possible is to stay away from excessive noise,” says Dr. Greta Stamper, an audiologist at Mayo Clinic.

Exposure to loud sounds can damage the cells of your inner ear. Symptoms and injury can occur from a short blast of noise or with long-term exposure to excessive sounds.

Some repetitive loud sounds now are coming through the small headphones…

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  2. Tip : download a frequency app and test your hearing by slowly increasing the frequency. Human range is about 0- 20k Hz. The lower the maximum frequency you can hear, the worse.

  3. Thank you kind woman.
    you have ended hearing loss and racism.

  4. Yea, maybe I should stop listening to metal…

  5. Just saw this after I cam from purchasing super base loud quad micro speaker earphones

  6. My earbuds are at about 50% if you have good IEM's that don't have high impedence that should be fine.

  7. My right ear is slightly deaf from listening to loud music , what do I do?

  8. Yes but we do it to block out the real world sounds and annoying people

  9. I have it on when the people are too loud

  10. The radiologist just put ya on open media all your hmz digetal I put to analog

  11. Nigga I can’t speak…

  12. This is not nessesarerly true some earbuds or headphone my be more insalated then orhers

  13. Bruh I just found out that if you blast heavy metal on full volume with earphones jammed into your ears it sounds really good.

  14. Y'all chick is hot….,but maybe over 30.

  15. I listen full blast cuz music sounds so much better that way

  16. I have headphone but i dont put it to loud cause i gonna lose ma hearing! I always remember that

  17. Who else listens to music blasted in their ears and doesn’t care if your gone deaf. lmao

  18. Who else listens to music blasted in their ears and doesn’t care if your gone deaf. lmao

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