Metra had some innovative things this year and the smartphone and tablet pocket is no exception. Watch this video to get the inside scoop.

Tablet/Smartphone Pocket Kit Model Numbers:
— Metra 98-9000
— Metra 98-9001
— Metra 98-9002

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  1. hi
    is this can run backup camera or front camera on the tablet ?

  2. how much and where to order?

  3. I don’t see the pocket kits on your page

  4. Just make a mount some where this is gay very ugly looks cheap

  5. Where can i buy it

  6. Good Luck Trying To Turn The Head Unit Up With Out (Steering Control)

  7. belinya dimana tuhh

  8. do they make this mount in a fit for galaxy tablets such as the tab s 8.4

    I hate when everything is biased toward apple only.
    I'd buy it if you can fit a tab s or tab 10.1

  9. I want this for my iPad Air 2!!!

  10. did thing1 and thing2 come up with this……. I think not….. im gonna see if I can get thing1 and thing2 just for the hell of it!!!

  11. looks expensive and to bulky

  12. Really?
    To those that says its going to block the volume control, none of you guys realize you can install that Metra kit on the top and your regular stereo at the bottom?

  13. What if you need to adjust the stereo?

  14. i cant finde it on
    plz send me the link!?

  15. Nice idea but way over priced

  16. Waste off money !! There is no new ideas of technolegy anymore! everthing is old crapp!!

  17. Nice but now I would has to change my double dim radio for a single

  18. They need to make a landscape function for iOS

  19. where can i get it?

  20. iPad, iPad, iPad, and more iPad. You know there's alot more popular tablets out there besides the iPad. Ever heard of the Nexus 7? Good grief…

    And besides, this thing plays audio through aux? Auxiliary is outdated, your going to get crappy audio using it. I don't know why they didn't incorporate a USB input there instead.

    I don't know if it's deliberate or just a bonehead design slip up, but that tablet covers the entire head unit. How in the world are you suppose to control the volume and see the head unit when the tablet is right infront of it?

  21. Its funny how people ask qustions on here like the peole are actau gunna reply

  22. Hi, About "Tablet Dash Kit". Do you have this model for iPad Air? Do you deliver to Israel? How much will it cost to buy and to send to Israel please?

  23. lol, i hate to see someone install this and they have  subs 

  24. I might be interested if it has a mount for a Chevy Silverado.

  25. All that money and they come up with this!?

  26. Looks easy to break. Also it blocks the volume knob on the headunit….

  27. Full size ipad pls

  28. Not bad… But looks like crap.. Soundman idea is better

  29. Do you have the part #s?

  30. And still do not do it for the better versions, by this I mean Nokia. Just the crap phones and tablets. Sad, very sad, that they would discriminate against these customers.

  31. Will they have a mounting case for the Ipad Air? (I have the appradio 2 and I might get this)

  32. good idea, but it looks horrible.

    -just my opinion 

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