Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Fitness Tracker Review the new Mi Band 2 band has a display and heart rate monitor. This video is after using the Mi Band 2 for couple of weeks and take my words you will love it and forget to use the watch as well, because you are this time getting the OLED display on it.

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  1. How. To use mi fit

  2. Bro will we find in this stop watch

  3. I had one.. and it didnt last 3days
    here in php..

  4. Very good watch bend

  5. Does this have a calorie counter software?

  6. What is the price even I will buy

  7. Holy shit dude sort out your audio for the love of god

  8. Will it connect to my iPhone x ???

  9. Is this have stopwatch?

  10. Shall i gift this to my friend ? Confused

  11. It will connect to my Lenovo vibe k5??

  12. Do we have to carry our phone all the time so that it calculates our step or even without carrying the phone it counts?

  13. Mi band 2 burn calories ko kiske bases pe calculate karta hai .. Foot step or heartbeat ???

  14. Works with one plus 6?

  15. Speak English please

  16. Does it count the calories that are burnt in gym?

  17. Hi Bro ar u working this office

  18. It will available in India?

  19. It will connect my moto -g3 phone

  20. Does it support motog3?

  21. can it answer a call

  22. Kya ye band note 2 with 4.4.4 kitkat support karega rply

  23. Is it compactible with HP 7 voice tab?

  24. 雷軍的一律差評

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