Hey guys! So I’ve been using the Mi Band 4 for 5 days straight now and would like to share with you my real-world experience with it. There are things I like and things I found quite frustrating. Let me know what you think!

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  1. Can you see the screen outside? I have a Miband 2 and I struggle to see the screen outside. I want to upgrade to something that shows the screen. PS I live in China as well, your videos make me miss that country so much.

  2. How does it compare to Amazfit Bip?
    Besides sizes, etc.

    Mostly functions, and accuracy. GPS isn't important for me as I always have my phone with me. I need something to track my walk and mild exercises, and sleep, along with alarms.

  3. For your music control issue, try to set the "Screen Timeout" longer (go to More-Settings-Screen timeout) directly on your band.

  4. What is that tripod from the beginning of the video?

  5. Every one else: access
    Lim reviews: assess

  6. Have you tried measure blood pressure of inanimate objects like piece of wood, please do and let me know the results

  7. 1:59 what the music app name?

  8. Gps on a non sim smart watch would be just redundant. Because in order for a gps enabled smartwatch to locate position it will need to connect to a network or WiFi and where else would this come but on a smartphone.

  9. What about voice assist

  10. Hey dude great video! But I have a question. When I take my band out door in sunlight, I see thin purple band at the bottom of display shud I exchange it?

  11. How to turnoff workout paused workout resumed audio on mifit app …pls guide…thanks in advance

  12. Is this band gets scratches on display ?

  13. I know why you remove it before shower…

  14. Do you receive Facebook notifications in mi 4 band?

  15. Are the notification function any better than the mi band 3?

  16. Mi band 4 not accurate at all,heat rate and sleep tracking not good

  17. i am having issue with receiving the notification. the calls i receive and whatsapp and alll

  18. Can we sync it with calorie apps like myfitnesspal or similar

  19. Men i can't believe it. No youtuber mentioned that you CAN'T control your music if you start a workout on the Band or on the Mi Fit App. It makes no sense and i hope that the developer fix this problem.

  20. How accurate do you feel the calories burned counter is? When I do 30 mins on the treadmill (going from 3mph to 4mph to 5mph) the treadmill says I burned 300 calories…but my MiBand4 says I only burned 96 :/ Since the MiBand is on my wrist and can monitor my HR as I run, I'm thinking it's more accurate, but 96 calories is so little for amount of effort I put in 🙁 And I've lost weight from before I got my MiBand! I'm confused 🙁 BUT I'm loving my MiBand4! I got it on Aug 1st, and have only had to charge it once 🙂

  21. I beg you bro can you send me the link of your strap i cant figure if its the electric oramge or some other oramge strap pls help me

  22. Hi Lim, I used my mi band 4 to track my running distance and found it to be extremely inaccurate (i didn’t carry my phone with me as I’m not fussed with having a gps tracker, I just want to know how far I’ve ran). I ran a set 500m and the band tracked it as 330m! I was wondering if u have had the same issues? And if there is anything I can do to fix it.

  23. Great review but 2:34 about that lag. I think I have a solution. I had the same issue before but I now know how to “fix” it. All I had to do was to leave my Mi Fit app open along my Spotify and viola! Problem solved! No more loading lag!! Try it!

  24. Hi Lim, does pedometer/steps count work accurately in mi band 4?

  25. I have a question how long does it take to charge the mi band 4?

  26. how about WhatsApp notification?

  27. Does it work with WeChat’s we run?
    my Xiao Mi band 3 cannot sync anymore

  28. does it need internet connection to work? example the band need to connect to ur mobile with connected wifi while walking to count ur steps? or it does work even ur phone is not connected to internet?

  29. mine 5 day experience is that mi band stopped working and not display anything…. any solution??? 🙁

  30. How time should i charge it for first time??

  31. Will it work with soundcloud?

  32. Im realy" need to buy this

  33. does it work in sea water ?

  34. Hi Lim ! Thanks for this good video !!!
    I am from Brazil and I am happy with my Mi Band 4, however, the Mi Fit App is not working properly since it has been updated.
    At App Store (IOS) I found a lot of claims about same thing (pairing). XIAOMI should fix this bug urgently! Please send my message to your contacts, in order they see it and solve the problem asap.
    I tought that I would not face this problem with my Mi Band 4, but it remains ?…
    Thank u for the help !!!
    All the best ??

  35. Now that Honor Band 5 is released, how do these compare? Is Mi Band 4 still a better choice?

  36. Yeah can you calculate bpm on non liviy thing

  37. Hey Lim, I have a question.
    if I run outside without phone does mi band 4 still tracking?

  38. Hey Lim, I do not know if you read comments but I would like to ask anyway…

    Does the Amazfit Bip have music controls just like the Mi Band 4?!?

  39. does it have a calorie counter? calories burnt from exercise?

  40. Hi! Would you get the Mi band 4 over Fitbit charge 3?

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