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Custom firmware-



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  1. A new update v1.0.9.30 just dropped by. So the download files for v1.0.9.22 and v1.0.9.30 is the same so go ahead and download the file for V1.0.9.22

  2. Bhai Harry Potter mera favourite hai mujhe jaldi lagana hai yaar please this is jaldi

  3. Bhai bohot badia dil khush kar diya par bhai agar hamen Harry Potter ya aur kisi ka Lagana ho To kya karen bhai

  4. When you will make new update on Avengers ui

  5. The support for firmware has been added and the link is in the description.

  6. When you make new video

  7. Bhai itna ka nhi hai ya 2500 ka hai ya

  8. Watch face ki link do

  9. Tumhara naam kya hain

  10. For people having problem
    Connect to mi fit app and then update again
    Download v83 version for installation

  11. Bhai, aap ka nam?

  12. Can you please send this for version 1.07.44

  13. it really working thanks

  14. Maintain your language

  15. Hey guys the support for v has been added and the link for the firmware can be found in the description so go and download it now

  16. Bhai ye v83 pe lag gaega kya

  17. Bhai ek dum jhakas commentry

  18. It's not working

  19. I want V78 for my band 4 v1. 0.7.44

  20. Bro I need V version please send me

  21. Bhi new updates aya hai

  22. I said that I am going to suscbribe you for a new marvel theme
    So I am giving suscbribe with this I'd ok…
    Make that theme asap

  23. Not coming for my China version 1.064

  24. It will work on mi band 4 India version????

  25. Hlo bro plz upload a marvel theme with small icons change …..I will give you 4 subscribe for the video

  26. Bro which update mi will give now …..plz tell and plz give more themes

  27. Hlo friends chai pilo??????

  28. Not working……….

  29. You should make a video on avengers v62 resource of

  30. Hi friends I have uploaded the updated custom firmware files for v1.06.16 and v1.06.24 so those who are facing problems with the latest updates download the following files and flash them. I will keep updating the files with every update.
    Custom firmware-
    FOR 1.06.16-

    Stock firmware-
    FOR 1.06.16-

    FOR 1.06.24-

  31. It says connect to mi fit to update again

  32. Go on the site called for learn how to make resource file . If you give this ? I will get notifications that you read my comment and I will subscribe you and wait for the video.

  33. I am giving you a video idea make a video on how make resource file for mi band 4.

  34. How to change in simple form means in orignal firmware

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