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The Mi Band 4 has been announced and it looks set to be the best Mi band ever. The fourth iteration of the Mi Band will feature a full color AMOLED screen and will be 40% larger than the previous version.

The Mi Band 3 was the best selling smart device ever, will the Mi Band 4 live up to expect.

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  1. Thank you for your awesome comments. After watching this video and the review video, I think my first fitband will be this one.

  2. Does this mi 4 band feature BP measurement?

  3. Can the mi band 4 have iOS whatappl Noticfication?

  4. Hey Dan :), can you please review the realme c2 its quite cheap and has great specs I wonder if it will be great

  5. Hello, regards. You can compare mi band 3 with 4, how long battery will last at colored and bigger screen. I think it is a good question, lot of people would be interested to hear about it before they can decide which one want to own. Or both as i do ?

  6. Unboxing for MiBand 4 please. Thank you.

  7. Make sure you order the International version, else only the App will be in English – with the display in Chinese

    Here's a link to the desirable version:

    ?? https://www.banggood.com/Original-Xiaomi-Mi-band-4-AMOLED-Color-Screen-Wristband-bluetooth-5_0-5ATM-Long-Standby-Smart-Watch-International-Version-p-1499883.html?p=JQ26191551677201504Z

  8. Am I the only one who thinks mi band 3 is still better (cause I prefer black and white color only)?

  9. does it have REM sleep tracking ?

  10. Hello! ValueQ Indonesia is giving away XiaoMi Mi Band 4 (only available for shipping area to Indonesia). Visit our website  https://id.valueq.com and watch our review for Mi Band 4 also! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZSTm_RchTo&t=112s

  11. Who is best mi band 4 or honor band 4 please tell me

  12. @2:20 her arms look fucked.

  13. But… Does he have a soul?

  14. Just bought it yesterday. Worth the money.

  15. On vacation to China to meet my uncle. Met him and he took me to an electronics market and got me a Mi Band 4!

  16. You look like David warner young hood something.

  17. Does it track TDEE as well?

  18. Looks cool! How much?

  19. ivoomi strap luks more better.

  20. Can you review yourself?

  21. No no no
    First the release in China

  22. mi band 4 is more expensive than honor band 4

  23. U reviewing a item without the item

  24. Please unboxing mi band 4

  25. is the strap of mi band 3 same with mi band 4? i mean can you use the strap of either mi band to each other?

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