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  1. Hint on synchronizing the camera and microfone audio timing on editing: do a big clap before starting. It will show on screen as a high peak on audio levels.

  2. "hidden" "features"

  3. If anyone wants to see how stupid look like, see the guy in the vdu.

  4. Anyone plz help me… Connecting my mind band 4 with real me 2 pro…. It get connected but some functions are not functioning

  5. Could i use app for iPhone? Or there’s a different way ?

  6. Maps for iPhone too?

  7. Hi how to set up the mi band 4 to start working to count my steps from 6am as it is it start from 7am. Thanks

  8. Guys Please Note These Features Only Available In Global Version of Mi Band 4, I bought it from furper india Thanks me later .?.?.?.?.

  9. U pre recorded ur voice dosent sound like dis smh.

  10. I Hate this fucking anurring backgrund music

  11. Interesting Compilation Bro ? ?
    Regards from Europe from my channel Bro's ?

  12. Hey great tips. Thanks and God bless you. ??

  13. What is the point of facecam footage if your audio is fucked?

  14. Finally…. ENGLISH!!!

  15. Lol… Don't use Bluetooth headphones when syncing audio to your video…. Oh and stop saying guys, it's not 1995 anymore.

  16. Don’t work with apple right ?

  17. My god the audio doesn't even line up to the video and it's like this dude is lip syncing..

  18. Funny series, I like it.
    Also who's actually the really good actor at the beginning?

  19. U look extremely funny while making the video

  20. i have Xiaomi MI Band 4 and i tried 1 hack a how to turn off display and it worked me

  21. Name of backsoud please

  22. try to use your own voice to practice, maybe in the future, you will get invited to an event and will have to speak

  23. down voted, because download, this or that app is not a "hidden" feature or hack … especially the map one that is even a PAY app, and nearly anyone into the watch faces likely already know of the numerous apps to change them.

  24. What a crappy video ….. something we all know …. hacks ?haha haha lol

  25. That bacground musics makes your video look like TV Sales advertisment, without music video would be much better.

  26. How can I rise the volume of vibrations of alarm its very low

  27. thanks for the palm-turn off! It helped me! I don't really trust indians but you, yep worth it and the app with the maps i the best!

  28. or just choose ANY imagine you want on the web. Take a screenshot. Make sure you have a simple image editor, One that can resize it to around 230kb or less ( I used an app called Lit photo on the play store) Then convert, Pick it from the custom menu and sync in the main app. You can choose a few different positions for the watch numbers, but have ANY imagine in the world on your main screen. All done on the phone, Zero hassle

    Be careful with all these 3rd party app, they may seem safe, but they want lots of permissions. The Mi band is dodgy enough, and people make simple apps like the shutter button app to get all your permissions and snoop around your phone. You are better off without it. Im sure Mi will add new features soon in the firmware update. Dont but your safety at risk just for a camera button, which doesnt even use your proper app.

  29. Wait… I saw quang trung… u from Vietnam????

  30. Can we customize the side screen like change the alipay screen to something else

  31. What app to use in iphone ios for camera shutter???

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