Buy Mi Band 4 :

Xiaomi has just released the brand new Mi Band 4. The band is looking very promising with so many damn features!
In This video I covered up almost all of them, with a few tips and tricks. So sit back, and enjoy this video ­čśÇ

Xiaomi earlier this week launched a new fitness band, Mi Band 4. Available in China right now, the Mi Band 4 is available at a starting price of CNY 169 (Rs 1,700 approximately). Right now, thereÔÇÖs no…

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  2. It has google assistant yes or no

  3. Anti-lost phone is the best!!

  4. And to close your Smartwatch very fast just give a high fyi to it???

  5. I have it for 4 months and it's the worst among new bands. My sister has galaxy Fit E and it doesn't have any problem.
    For example mi band often shows the time I was asleep 2 to 3 hours more!
    Its exercises are a little bad. In general,I do not recommend it at all.

  6. why the fake accent?

  7. The thumbnail which you have put on your video , you have don't tell about that

  8. Nischoy dekha hobe

  9. 1:24 is that availaible in india ? If yes then please tell how to download it

  10. *water-resistant.

  11. It's funny that checking is there water resistant when that track swimming????

  12. steps are not working … sometimes work?…..

  13. Nice Compilation Bro ? ?
    Regards from Europe from my channel Bro's

  14. Vai epar bangla na opar bangla?

  15. Does someone knows how to activate anti loss feature throug this or other app? I almost just bought it for this option..

  16. Mannn….
    Did not expect u r bengali!!

  17. Hello, can someone tell me if mi fit band 4 has drink water reminder

  18. How to Off Bluetooth on Mi Band 4 ?

  19. 3:36 water registant ???????????

    you moron its resistant !!!!!!!!!!!

  20. How to show dual clock in mi band 4

  21. Instructions to fast

  22. How to pay with airpay?

  23. I need to remove my mi band 4 if im going to bath or not? Or i should remove

  24. Who else thought he is not indian by his accent

  25. Did you know this band automatically does not track your physical activities. I have already experienced in cycling

  26. Is it possible to change Mi smart band 4's battery?
    How many years of mi smart band 4's battery will be good??

  27. Volume kaise control kare

  28. Its alipay not airpay

  29. Can you show us how to connect it with Alipay and use it please? Thank you

  30. You forgot to show how to sync with gmaps navigation

  31. Bro I appreciate your efforts but audio of this video if fucking my mind

  32. you can also costom vibration in the me fit app

  33. Why is my band 4 losing it's connection with my Huawei Y6 pro autometicly again n again though they remains in close? Can anyone suggest me what to do?

  34. How to download aly pay

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