My thoughts on using the Microsoft Surface Book & Windows 10 for design work (compared to Mac) Please remember to subscribe

In this video I share my opinions on the hardware and software of the Microsoft Surface Book I’ve been testing out and using to film some tutorials for the Adobe YouTube channel. Throughout the video I compare it to Mac, because that’s what I’m used to, and also because it’s in the same price range as a Mac! I hope you find the video interesting…

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  1. Annoying one sided review

  2. Sketch is not the only option. Adobe XD is as good! You are in your comfort zone, thats it. I have the SB and I love it! everything about it!

  3. wait this whole video is just comparing using macs to using pcs, not actually reviewing the device itself

  4. Confusing title. Was searching for how a designer worked with the device instead of a comparison to Mac. Misleading.

  5. I thought about changing to PC from Mac because of money factors. Is there a way to remap Control Key to Command Key? Command S, Command H, Command V all those commands and much more is how I design really fast and get projects done. The thought of using Control Key is really annoying. It just doesn't feel right.

  6. oh my goddd marry me <3

  7. You can get good design software on the Surface book or pro version. Sketch looks cool but there are alternatives like Lunacy. great video tho.

  8. thanks for the Mac review

  9. which macbook are u using, and recommending?

  10. Such an awful biased review

  11. The last Blue Screen of Death I ever saw was with a Windows Vista laptop.

  12. windows not stable not enough creative apps ? what the ** u saying

  13. I use both mac and windows and I'm telling you the Macs are not what they used to be. The hardware is purposely crippled and behind the times with no touchscreens and that stupid touch bar. Not even going to get into the keyboard. I find certain software applications like pro tools for instance crash all the time on my new iMac whereas that never happened at all on my 2009 Mac Pro. Those old Mac Pro desktops were amazing and easy to add harddrives etc… With the iMac you have to use external drives and you have to run all cables up on to the desk to plug into the back of the iMac. So you have USB hubs and external drives all over the place… Apple has seriously lost their way and left professionals behind.

  14. I believe it has paint app

  15. How does the gap effect usage? Can you elaborate? You wouldn't be drawing on it in laptop position so that floppiness wouldn't be an issue? When your applications crash did you find a definitive reason? Its not informative to just tell us some application crashed. You don't seem to be well informed on specs and you spend most of the time comparing the laptop to Macs. This is unclear and not informative.

  16. Thanks I found this really helpful. I'm a graphic designer and I was thinking of switching to windows for the first time ever because I'm just not a fan of the new Macs, lack of innovation, unjustified high price etc… My biggest concern was the stability of windows 10 and with all the crashing you've experienced in a short amount of time I'm staying well away. Also I don't know if I could deal without being able to screenshot a selection of the screen or quickly preview files with the space bar, I do these like things 20x a day.

  17. iPad pro > Surface pro

  18. What’s the the name of the Adobe student YouTube channel??

  19. Just my two cents on it: I've been using windows all my life. Whenever I have to use a computer with Mac OS on it, I get lost. Terribly lost.
    Same thing happened with Linux/Ubuntu.
    But for me, when I boot up my windows, I feel almost comfortable? Like I know everything will be there. Also, for me, Mac OS feels almost limiting– Windows may be more prone to viruses, but it gives me more sense of liberty.
    Thank you for your review though ?

  20. Apple is a brand "scared" of inovations nowadays. Thats why their non touch, non detachable/convertible laptops dont break as mutch. Microsoft and other brands are constantly creating unseen new products. While apple makes thinner pcs.

    I loved apple few years ago as mutch as I hate it now. (And I really loved it) And that hinge cant be more stiff. Its holding tablet.

  21. Even my 6 years old computer never had the blue screen wtf Microsoft. Maybe it's because it is their first 2 in 1 product??

  22. mac vs surfacebook
    its like cat person vs dog person
    When you couldnt replace OS Eco system
    i understand becuz mac os is nice and good
    but sometimes mac is kinda limited but when u use it it kinda nah i can get things done on mac in good mood way
    just mac has its own charm
    also ft surface book but in more advance way #amazing

  23. Ive noticed over time that mac users get easily irritated when things aren't blatantly obvious and handed to them. Mac's are for simple minds, streamlined for super easy use. PC's have a steeper learning curve but in the end are way more versatile

  24. Sorry to say this but your review is very biased towards Mac.
    ACTUALLY you said MAC more than you said surface book. It felt like you were reviewing a MAC actually.

  25. Hi, please, can you test drawing app "Leonardo" and "Mischief" with Microsoft Surface Book?
    Thank you in advance.

  26. shes obvi used macs her entire life . need reviews from actual windows users

  27. Did anyone else think she said she's a meth user at the start? It took me a minute to realise she was saying Mac user

  28. Guys read the description before you comment something stupid.
    1. This is not a review channel
    2. It says designer "thoughts" this is her perspective and opinions not specifications why this hardware trumps the other.. its just her view jeez, you all are close minded

  29. So nice Adobe Typekit is a thing. Now Microsoft’s offering is a viable option. I wish the Surface Pen was a little better. Also Microsoft’s market place has minimal options and poor curation. Adobe should better optimize their software for Windows too.

  30. Did you know Worlds thinnest laptop is a Windows Computer at 9 mm.

  31. What are you talking about there are over 40 or 50 times more design apps for windows than there is on Mac . Krita,gimp, opencanvas, sketchbook, Corel paint, Photoshop, rebelle, MediBang, fire alpaca, clip paint studio, manga studio, mischief infinite canvas, mypaint. leonardo, painttool sai, photopea,artrage,artweaver, verve painter, paintstorm, drawpile, live rush, juguipaint, sketchport, speedypainter, Photosketcher, mangalabo, inkscape, illustrator, gravit designer, chibi paint, flame painter,sketchable, graphiter, Corel paint it touch, Zen brush, wizard brush artipic photoeditor, and the list goes on and on.

  32. it looks well built I dont know if it would last is the thing its more expensive than mac but ive invested so much money in pc time and time again laptops and desktops and i finally got a macbook pro i couldnt be more happy only thing is this has more memory and its touch screen idk which to choose now

  33. windows + g = game bar , has screen record button

  34. Was a mac user from OS 8.6-10.12. Last year I left the Apple ecosystem and coming from a Mac I have to say I've really been impressed with Windows 10. I notice Windows users don't like it but for me it's the only Windows OS that made it easy for me to transition. The last few versions of OS X on the Mac became bloated with features I didn't want or need as a designer. Even Sierra felt unfinished. I love that Windows 10 has been designed as a touch based OS that works the same between a tablet and Surface pro, and even was developed for mobile through their Windows Phone (now defunct). Apple and Google still use separate OS for each device.

  35. Ok i thouhg this thing looked underpowered at the start but last weekend at a hackathon the designer student on my team used a surface tablet (not surface book) and GOD DAMN that thing hauled ass! it had tons of stuff open. multiple google chrome windows, photoshop tabs, and illistrator tabs all open with multiple layers going in each program. that little thing hauled ass I was impressed. I had no idea that little thing had that much power!

  36. This review sounds very biased. Windows 10 does include an a screen recorder with the pre installed Xbox app. You can't say that the computer is worse when you don't know how to use it. Obviously there will be a learning curve switching from an operating system to another and you should empathize the fact that you are not aware of how to use the computer.

    If the tables were turned and you would have used Windows all your life, you would probably say the same things about a Mac. Just because you are having difficulty with getting used to a new environment doesn't mean that the features aren't there.

    There's a lot of good comments here and I hope you can use the feedback to improve your future review videos based on the feedback left here.

  37. You know you can record the screen by pressing the windows key and G right?

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