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Mobile Homes for sale in Kentucky

[00:00:06] This is number 22 Alexander one of the best neighborhoods in Danville. If you’ve looked at some of my other videos you’ll know that I talk highly of imperial. This is really nice porch here. This home is perfect starter home. We’re going to go in and we’re gonna do some work to it and then it’s not gonna be as inexpensive right now. If you buy it now for cash, it’s gonna be a whole lot…

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  1. Do you have some in South Carolina

  2. Dont like carpets

  3. Hire an inspector before you buy

  4. Please no carpet in bathroom

  5. My first home was a mobile home and my last just might be. 🙂

  6. Just did a research on the listed Phone number and the Web states that this is a SCAM Business. So BUYER BEWARE!!! Your being SCAMMED.

  7. where located and price is it in park or private lot

  8. Got any mobile homes that are under 10,000 that can be in a mobile home park, or even better, on a lot?

  9. I need a nice one for under 10k let me no please

  10. Where u located at my friend

  11. Could you possibly show an OLDER video on YouTube

  12. estoi buscando una traila en desmoines de venta minimo 3 cuartos

  13. My email address is Christopher Schmidt and I need more information about the homes would like to hear from you ?

  14. I wish we could say the prices

  15. How much was that house and what location

  16. this mobile home was old but there are somethings bleach just cant clean good enough that bathroom was one of then yucky

  17. I'm looking for a good trailer since we need a house since me and my family are living in a room all together.

  18. very nice home im look for a3 bedroom home in uppermarlboro or largo area if u ave any

  19. Really?? Carpet in the bathroom? Really?

  20. Hi Brad, my name is Ignacio Espinoza. Iam intererest in buying mobile home, but Iam living in Houston, wath you can suggest me??.

  21. Why can't they put that mauve carpet in new mobile homes? It's beautiful! I hate that old tan/beige carpet I see everywhere.

  22. If you dont like trailer houses fuck u

  23. Do you have any mobil homes in Tacoma wa area?

  24. Hi my name is anna I love watching the videos that you do I was wondering if you do motorhomes over here in Chino California

  25. wish dundee, scotland uk done things like this as i would move yesterday lol 

  26. another old post…too old, not for sale

  27. That's not that bad of a house.

  28. i love this kind of house. its looks like wonderful place you us live

  29. And is the park rent still around $200 $300?

  30. Where can I see an online contract to see what it might look like for the seller to carry a second?

  31. looks like a 1970s porn set.

  32. quisiere saber si vendes casas movils para tijuana de 2 recamaras y 2 banos gracias no se hablar ingles perdon

  33. I have the floor thats in the guest bath in my kitchen and dining area ,nice and easy to keep clean

  34. is this still avail?

  35. @cherd1971 only 200/mo

  36. @moffetttruckerdale oh yeah call for the latest inventory.

  37. @KatiushaVN4 we've got other homes – just call. 859-319-5000

  38. Trailer trash lol

  39. @workoutchamp it's in Eubank, KY 3.5 acres – $17,900

  40. @Ladyhawkwright we do. We have a 3.5 acre lot with a driveway, septic, water and electric. Owner will finance – low down (doesn't even have to be cash) and low monthly payments. Call about that.

  41. do you have anything for sale that isn't in a park?

  42. do you have any recent videos some homes posted last year thx

  43. most all our larger homes can fit a side by side. Most importantly too is that these homes are in good areas and good school districts.

  44. do you have any homes that can fit a side by side refridgerator

  45. it is 200/mo including Water, Sewer and Garbage, so that's reasonable.

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