Mobile homes may seem like an affordable housing option, but large investment companies are making them less and less so.

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  1. Any home is a mobile home if you put enough rocket fuel in it.

  2. 14:19 is she in The Good Place tv series?

  3. I actually like what my aunt did. She bought a large piece of empty land, then bought the mobile home and put it on the land.

  4. I live in a Clayton mobile home. I've lived in it 20 years. If I sold it today with the land its on (and I have 7.5 acres) I would get 10k less than what I paid for it when it was new. Brand new mobile homes off gas formaldehyde horrible. The first year we lived here we all got the worse upper respiratory infection of our lives, and we were a family of healthy people. The floors tend to rot. My hot water heater sprung a leak last year and no one caught it. It ended up falling through the floor. Its really easy for rodents to get in the floor. I can hear them scratching in the walls some nights. They are horrible insulated. i can feel the cold coming through the floor in the winter time. Fortunately I have a lot of land and have plans to build my retirement home and to rent this monstrosity out to cover the mortgage.

  5. Where are the trailer park boys?

  6. 4,100 dislikes are elitists and their cronies mad at being exposed.

  7. Mobile homes that in 80% cases never move. That's America for us europeans… (except those living in story buildings and houses with driveway and garage)

  8. Oh my god Janet! (Not a girl)

  9. I fucking love Dave Ramsey. Smart guy.

  10. That guy is talking about actual mobile homes not manufactured homes… Manufactured homes dont lose value. Mobile homes do… theyre cars…

  11. I like mobile homes and manufactured homes. I don't like paying $300,000 for a f**** house it's built shittier than a manufactured home from f**** 15 years ago. Lol

  12. Oliver just exposes these ppl like it’s nothing

  13. This show made my day a little bit better during hard times. That guy is a genius!

  14. Hey! We have problems with Blackstone in Denmark as well! ?

  15. Fuck that Duckster.

  16. So what is the difference between manufactured homes and normal homes? Are'nt manufactured homes build and put together just like normal homes are?

  17. If you don’t like your rent being increased, buy your own land ….. welcome to capitalism

  18. If they are so bad , then don’t buy them!!!

  19. Mobile homes and manufactured homes are very different, this story is full of Mis-information…..

  20. Private equity firms have been buying dental and doctor practices as well. Wonder why prices have gone through the roof? Just another layer of profit in our health care system.

  21. All your videos are trending…

  22. This is capitalism, what else do you want?

  23. $3,000 to move a mobile home is ridiculous.

  24. Manufactured homes and mobile homes are two different things.

  25. Garbage show by a below average night show host – stop ruining your one sided stories moron and try to tell the truth

  26. This is ONLY ONE of the many types of shit that drives revolts! I'm quite sure King Louis never imagined he'd wind up on the business end of the guillotine!

  27. I add water to my shampoo all the time

  28. In the netherlands they're not even pretending anymore. Dutch "mobile homes" don't look like trailers with a stone collar around the bottom. They're prefab 2 story houses with an axle hidden somewhere underneath.

  29. This is good shit. Made me laugh.

  30. the lobster analogy was spot on. we need to eat the rich….because they are already eating us

  31. 4:39 That's because you're British though.
    No offence. I 100% agree. But that's because I'm a cynical person. Not unlike the British.

  32. In Tanzania, you may own a home as well, but no one except the government (that) owns the land. You are given a 99 years renewable leasehold (by the government) that alone should give us some comfort, right?

  33. We are all waiting for Jesus Christ to make his big return but the antiChrist doesn't ever want to come back here ever again Amun Amen the truth and its shadow

  34. My friend opened up the void of all creation and we're making our list and checking it twice and trying to find out if there is any worth a shit on this planet.

  35. Meet me at the statehouse with your chainsaws it's time to do some free landscaping.

  36. In the town that I grew up in Oklahoma, they made trailer houses illegal in town.
    Then a local rich bitch bought the only trailer park within 100 miles of town.
    That park was full of retired people.
    Then she demanded that nobody can live there if their trailer was more then 5 years old.
    Then she kicked all the retired people out because none of them had new trailers.
    She gave them 30 days to find the money needed and get out.
    If they couldn't move fast enough she took the trailers and rented them out because they weren't good enough to be in her trailer camp if the retired person owned it, but it was good enough once she kicked them out and stole the house.

    To move a trailer costs $3000 just to lift it off it's blocks, then another $1000 per 10 miles to move it.
    None of those retired people made more then $1000 a month and most also had kids living with them.

    When confronted about how she was steeling the home of retired people she said that it was just business, like that made it ok.
    She simply couldn't see the problem with what she was doing.
    Even after it was pointed out to her she was all "but it's just business, I don't see why you're so upset with me about it".

  37. I don’t find John Oliver funny but the only ppl who disliked this video must have gone to mobile home university

  38. Keep your filthy beard off my pie, Hillbilly!

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