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  1. How do u feed with out skills popping up

  2. when u add x x x strength
    with 200% power and 100% power
    the total damage with a critical hit is 3.4M or 4.1M

  3. Monster Gaming I Joined Your Discord Server And I Really Like It

  4. I got cyberiel with no rank up

  5. I just realized that monster legends skipped the number 666 with monsters

  6. I also got cyberiel of level 110

  7. I don’t have any mythicals yet but she’s OP!!!

  8. I got Cain's sword in bronze relic chest .?

  9. Which song u put in background

  10. Who is the other one talking in the background? He sounds kinda creepy lol ?✌

  11. My main account reached 70 laps while my 2 baby accounts reached 11 laps which that was good for how low the team is

  12. I am level 43 and j got cyberiel as well!! And its helping me a lot

  13. Duck fuck duck fuck suck. Stop play ml nobbie???????????????????

  14. Pretty decent and strength I would say defense just in

  15. Run her o cd n o stam skill jus in case u get cda n nice vid btw 🙂

  16. Do this triple ,double,single all 3

  17. I'm just hatching it right now.Its hatching tmrw

  18. Thanks man I wanted to know how good it was because I haven’t hatched it yet

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