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This Apple iPad/iPhone Lightning to HDMI display adapter works exactly as advertised, but does have some restrictions the the content that can be played using it. It works great for specific uses, however if your video or program requires digital rights to be displayed, this will not do the trick.

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  1. I had a 3rd party device for 'Lightning to HDMI' , used it on my iPhone 6s for a while then it stopped. Now theres just a 'QR' code and a bunch of numbers. Can anyone help?

  2. Are you able to watch movies from Vudu? That’s the app I would use while traveling

  3. While using the adapter, is it possible to record the screen using the native resource from IOS?
    Asking this because while mirroring trough the airplay to lonelyscreen (windows), the screen record is disabled.

  4. Hi,
    I have a question not really related to your video, but to the HDMI output formats. Would you happen to know what devices output to HDMI 720p (not 1080P)? I'm looking for such a beast so that I can run live stream vr video from the device through the Drone app to my Zeiss Cinemizer OLED glasses. The VR apps that are out there for drones that support VR viewing display the VR video with a Side-by-side format and only for HDMI 720p video streams .

  5. Why is it not working on my iOS 12? How can I fix it?

  6. Hi.. will it display real time images if u open the camera app?

  7. Does allow landscape mode and how is the delay?

  8. Hey I have a question can anyone help me?????

    I have this product and I use it to watch KODI about the quality is quite poor once it gets to my TV sand the sound is delayed. If I use a HDMI repeater will it improve the image and the sound issues I’m having????

  9. For $ 28 you can get the original one (used) and have netflix too

  10. Can I use movie box?

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