The MSI Prestige 15 is a new thin and light laptop featuring Intel’s latest 10th gen i7 CPU. In this detailed review I’ll cover everything from thermals, battery life, undervolting, gaming, content creation and more to help you decide if this laptop is worth it.

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  1. 9750H vs 10710U CPU comparison video is coming next week, and the Prestige 15 + eGPU video is still to come too ?
    Update: here it is!

  2. I like your unique intonation

  3. What laptop is similar in build quality thinness and battery life but with better gaming performance?

  4. So do we have tremendous cheap budget ultra thin solid metal laptop with 10710U i7?

  5. 14inch version just takes only single fan, don’t buy it.

  6. Hello i bougt in south korea
    A10sc 15 is nvme pcie gen 3 x 4? or gen3 x 2?

  7. First of, great review, as all of your laptop reviews! Keep that up! Some questions for you, i have this laptop on my list and want to know if the 4K version is preferred over the 1080p version? (better panel/screen and higher density and higher screen brightness). And how will this laptop behave when i, let's say, use handbrake to encode 1080p x264 to x265 for 6 hours or longer continually? Will it heat up and throttle heavy? Is this laptop even capable to do this cpu heavy workloads?

  8. Is the hdmi port 2.0b or 1.4b as MobileTechReview says 1.4b as well as MSI's website so which one is it ?

  9. This will be first laptop in my life, I still not sure it will be worth if I just use it for focus doing illustration,3d

    stuff and some gaming? Thanks for any suggestion!

  10. How’s the thermals and fan noise?

  11. How does the battery life compare to the Dell XPS 15? I simply cannot make a decision, they seem so similar… Also, how does the display compare to the Dell XPS 15? Both looking for the Full HD version.

  12. Hey Jarrod thanks for this review! May I ask you if this laptop has a blocked tdp (15w) when on battery? Read that when on battery it drastically slow down and my idea is to work with it even on a plane or train! Don't know whether buy this one or dell inspiron 7590 with i7h and 1650 (hope you'll review it!) thanks again!

  13. What kind of power bank coul work to charge this laptop guys? Any idea, need help pls

  14. nice shirt bro, and great review

  15. What are response times of the screen? Is there any ghosting? Thank you! Great review!

  16. Oh! so this laptop is the upgrade to the PS63. Huh, took a while for to realize that XD. is the PS63 still a viable choice for gaming/ultrabook under 1000$? This bad boy is a bit out of my budget so i was considering the PS63

  17. Dont buy msi notebooks.

  18. Hi, what do you think comparing this and the MSI GS65 Stealth Thin? I’m mainly doing light gaming, Lightroom, premiere and I’m always on the go. Which one would you recommend?

  19. Thank you. I returned my 16’’ MacBook Pro and got this instead. Your video made the decision easy, ended up getting the 4K model, added another SSD to dual boot Linux, and upgraded ram to 32gb and STILL ended up 700$ cheaper than the base 16’’MacBook Pro model with double the hardware. Apple can go fuck themselves (although I’ll admit their build quality and speakers were great, not worth a 700$ premium great though)

  20. Hi guys! I’ve just created a new Prestige 15 Facebook group in order to share tips, tricks and suggestions on this laptop…. pls subscribe ?

  21. MSI Prestige 15 or Acer Aspire 7?

  22. Great review, definitively considering buying it since your video, waiting for the comparison with the 14 version.
    By the way, found that stupid review onlin : basicly a transcript of your video with screenshots… might want to do something about it !

  23. Screen and keybord seem a little bit flexible Does it good or bad thing for us ?

  24. Is the Msi Prestige 15's battery more powerfull than xps 15 ? While using in a normal workday(powerpoint google chrome vs)

  25. This looks potentially good for coding with decent build quality, ok keyboard and good baterry life. Hopefully screen & keyboard brightness are regulated in enough levels, somehow nobody pays attention to how low can they get set, and there's a fair amount of people working at night

  26. Hey me again, ended up buying the same model and have issues with it, despite buying it yesterday. Downloaded CS:GO and was getting around 15 fps on Mirage. So I then did a bit of research and learnt about the Nividia Control Panel, I opened that and accessedmthe 'Manage 3D Settings' and in the 'Global Settings' tab, placed 'High-performance NIVIDIA processor' into the 'Preferred graphics processor' thing. Proceeded to the Program Settings and put 'High-performance NIVIDIA processor' into use for CS:GO. Next, opened 'Set PhysX configuration' and selected "GeForce GTX 1650 with Max-Q Design'. Opened CS:GO again and got the same frames. Did more research and downloaded the GeForce Experience driver from Nividia. Hopped into the settings on that, and found the fps cap was at 30 – increased to its max, 60. So again, opened CS:GO and finally was getting around 60 fps but never going over, also every few seconds the game would decide to drop frames to around 10. If you know anything that could help, it would be appreciated, thanks.

  27. Such a great review

  28. Hey guys, I recently bought the Prestige 15. I decided to reinstall Windos 10. Since then I couldn't find to download MSI Creator Center to control the fan speed. Googling didnt help at all.
    Can someone help me out?

  29. Whats the meaning of 1% low in gaming test ? Can you explain to me ? Cause i dont understand, thanks a lot jarrod

  30. I have this laptop, its great!

  31. So another question now that i got this laptop. Its awesome and i really love it! When rendering a video the cpu temp reached 94degs on auto fan. I wonder if you think i should undervolt the cpu as you have done? Is there any benefits from it in your opinion and are there any dangers to doing so?
    Also do you have a guide on how to do it since i dont really know how.. Thanks for a great video again 🙂

  32. Sounds like robot voice

  33. great review mate. i have a question, for video editing do you think this is a good option? i mainly do 4k stuff but i think i am going to upgrade the ram to 32gb if i get this laptop 🙂

  34. I bought this same machine after watching ur video . Great review man

  35. Fuck yeah Inflames! Pinball Map buddy!

  36. nice review how does this compare to mag 15 or vapor 15 you recently reviewed?

  37. How would you compare this with the Helios 300? A little pricier but double storage and newer cpu.
    Also, the design and battery life on Helios it is a concern for me

  38. Hey, really great video as always but i'm really confused, what should i take just for content creation (i d'ont play on laptop) the MSI prestige 15 (with the 4K screen) or the dell xps 15 with the i7 version ? please help me !

  39. Hello, is this laptop good for architects?
    Does the processors clocked between 1.1 to 4.5 GHz slow down heavy files on applications like AutoCAD, SketchUp and 3ds max

  40. Can anybody please tell me what is 1% low what does that word mean….. in shot

  41. I just want to say that it's really good to have Australian pricing in your description. I know you're a fellow Aussie but sometimes I find it quite difficult to find some products in Australia. So props to you :)))

  42. Is this the best Tb3 charging Laptop with GPU and great battery ?

  43. So 4 questions
    1. Did you undervolt this laptop?
    2. What program did use to undervolt?
    3. What performance changes did you see?
    4. Did your Windows Hello work?

  44. Is the Trackpad just touch or is it clickable?

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